Human Factors Training for OIL & GAS Industry Staff – 3 Days


Human factors awareness will also be a critical component of safe working practices. Understanding the factors influencing human performance is therefore a key attribute to reducing error and increasing safety.

This comprehensive three-day course is designed to provide you with a deep understanding of human factors and their impact on safety, efficiency, and productivity within the oil and gas industry. By recognizing and managing human factors, you will be equipped to mitigate risks, prevent errors, and promote a culture of safety and excellence in your workplace.

Human factors training is crucial for workers in the oil and gas industry due to the complex and high-risk nature of their work. The oil and gas industry involves operations such as drilling, production, refining, and transportation of hydrocarbons, which are inherently hazardous and can have severe consequences if safety measures are not followed. Human factors training addresses the interaction between individuals, their tasks, and the environment, with the aim of optimizing safety, efficiency, and overall performance.

Who is the course for?

All Oil & Gas Employees, Supervisors & Managers as well as Quality & Safety Personnel

What is the Benefit of this Training – What will I learn?

a) Improve safety in the workplace.
b) Understand error prevention strategies
c) Be able to address human error proactively
d) Awareness of the need to react promptly in Emergency Situations
e) Appreciate the need to mitigate Human Error through Design

Detailed Content / Topics – The following Subjects will be addressed

Day 1: Introduction to Human Factors in the Oil & Gas Industry

Understanding Human Factors:
-Definition and significance of human factors
-Human capabilities and limitations
-Human factors in high-risk industries
Human Error and Performance:
-Types of human error
-Factors influencing human performance
-Error management and reduction strategies
Safety Culture and Organizational Factors:
-Importance of safety culture
-Organizational influences on human performance
-Strategies for promoting a positive safety culture
Communication and Teamwork:
-Effective communication in high-risk environments
-Team dynamics and collaboration
-Tools and techniques for improving communication and teamwork

Day 2: Human Factors Analysis and Risk Management

Human Factors Analysis:
-Methods for identifying and analyzing human factors
-Task analysis and workload assessment
-Human error identification techniques
Human Factors in Incident Investigation:
-Human factors’ role in incidents and accidents
-Incident investigation techniques incorporating human factors
-Learning from incidents to prevent a recurrence
Fatigue Management:
-Understanding Fatigue and its impact on performance
-Fatigue risk assessment and mitigation strategies
-Shift work and sleep management best practices
-Human Factors Integration in Operations:
-Designing for human factors
-Human-machine Interfaces and usability considerations
-Human factors in maintenance and inspections

Day 3: Human Factors Training and Application

Human Factors Training Programs:
-Developing effective human factors training programs
-Training methods and techniques
-Assessing training effectiveness
Human Factors and Decision-Making:
-Decision-making biases and pitfalls
-Decision support tools and techniques
-Enhancing decision-making in high-stress situations
Stress and Well-being:
-Understanding stress and its impact on performance
-Stress management techniques
-Promoting well-being in the workplace
Applying Human Factors Principles:
-Integrating human factors into standard operating procedures
-Human factors audits and assessments
-Continuous improvement and maintaining human factors awareness

Learning Objectives

By the end of this three-day Human Factors Training for Oil & Gas Industry Staff, you will possess the knowledge and skills to identify, assess, and manage human factors effectively. This course aims to empower you to make informed decisions, enhance safety, and optimize performance within your organization.

What do People Say About Sofema Aviation Services Training?

“I found satisfying answers to all my questions.”
“The instructor demonstrated a very deep knowledge of the subject.”
“The length of the course fits my needs and expectations.”
“The content was really effective, I gained a lot of new knowledge.”
“The practical examples were perfectly delivered.”


3 days – Start at 09.00 and finish at 17.00, with appropriate refreshment breaks.
To register for this training, please email or Call +359 28210806

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