Introduction to Aircraft Registration – 2 Days


This course is designed to shed light on the entire registration process, catering to both novices in the aviation sector and seasoned professionals.
To provide a clear roadmap for navigating aircraft registration complexities and blend foundational knowledge with in-depth analysis on specific registration-related topics.
It provides a deep understanding of the intricate legal requirements and practical steps necessary for securing an aircraft’s registration, including the challenges faced during the registration process

Explore the regulatory frameworks that govern aircraft registration. This comprehensive coverage includes a variety of crucial topics including the legal basis for registration, including processes for registration, deregistration, and change of ownership.
Grow competence and understand in details the aviation registration process.

What is the benefit of the training?

Gain an in-depth understanding of the aircraft registration process.
Understand the regulatory frameworks governing aircraft registration, including the roles of international conventions (Chicago, Geneva, Cape Town) and agencies (ICAO, EASA).
Gain foundational knowledge and join in-depth analysis on specific registration-related topics.
Attendees will grow their competence in the aviation registration process, equipping them with the necessary skills to efficiently navigate these complexities.
Gain the knowledge and skills to streamline the aircraft registration process, including deregistration and change of ownership.

Who is the course for?

The course is for aviation professionals seeking comprehensive knowledge of aircraft registration procedures and regulations.

Detailed Content / Topics (the following subjects will be addressed)

The role of ICAO in global aviation compliance
Chicago Convention
Geneva Convention
Cape Town Convention and Protocol
EASA’s role and jurisdiction
EASA requirements for aircraft registration – National Responsibilities
State regulatory system & staffing
Airworthiness and Registration Processes
Initial and continuing airworthiness requirements
The importance of airworthiness in the registration process
Legal basis for aircraft registration
Steps for registering an aircraft
Deregistration and change of ownership
Procedures for registration mark requests
Legal and operational considerations for overseas leasing
Understanding the certification process for aircraft registration
Cross-border transfer of aircraft

Target groups

The course is for aviation professionals seeking comprehensive knowledge of aircraft registration procedures and regulations.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, participants will:
-Achieve a sold foundational related to aircraft registration basics.
-Understand the specialized topics and rationale behind registration requirements.
-Acquire the knowledge and skills to efficiently navigate the registration process.
-Equip participants with skills and understanding to streamline their aircraft registration process.


None. Suitable for both beginners and experienced aviation professionals.

What do People Say about Sofema Aviation Services Training?

“This training offers very good explanations of difficult topics.”
“All aspect were useful, the examples were great.”
“This training helped me to develop some new skills.”
“The instructor is very resourceful and intelligent.”
“Having a visual material helps a lot the learning process.”


2 Days – Start at 09.00 and finish at 17.00 with appropriate refreshment breaks.
To register for this training, please email or Call +359 28210806.

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