February 08, 2022


Our sister Sofema Online has introduced a significant change to SOAN (Now rebranded as SOL Plus) Membership Policy:

1 Free Course is now available immediately after entering the program

Every member of Sofema Online Aviation Network (SOAN) now is eligible to choose a Free course from over 250 Regulatory Compliant & Vocational training courses available at www.SofemaOnline.com. You can take a course with a duration of up to 1-day classroom training and get it for free or if you wish a one with a longer duration or a package, we will apply a 77.50 EUR discount towards the cost of the course/package. See Terms & Conditions

Are there additional benefits of becoming a SOAN member?

SOAN loyalty program provides multiple opportunities to enrich your learning journey, such as:

Minimum – 20% from the price of any Single Course
– 25% for 2 Single Courses taken together
– 10% from the price of any Package
– 10% from the price of any Diploma
– 20% from the price of Freedom Pass = 1020 EUR (1275 EUR)
Preferential treatment as well as regulatory support & consultation
More details

How to request your membership?

1. Complete any course at www.sassofia.com or www.sofemaonline.com in your own name (either Company Sponsorship or Personal is acceptable)
2. Request enrollment at team@sassofia.com
3. You will then be provided with your SOAN registration number
4. Next time you book a training simply provide your SOAN number & we will automatically apply your discount

Sofema Online Aviation Network (SOAN) is a members group for individuals which recognizes customer loyalty to Sofema Online (SOL). SOL is a cost-effective professional service with over 250 Courses, Packages & Diplomas to choose from – Browse through the extensive training portfolio by visiting this page

Start your membership with 1 Free Course of your choice – Join SOAN with an email to team@sassofia.com 


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