June 10, 2021


On May 27th and May 28th Rustom Sutaria– a Nominated SAS instructor delivered a Statistical Analysis for AMP & Reliability Engineers – 1 Day webinar spared in two sessions for AJW Group.

About AJW Group:

AJW Group is the world-leading independent specialist that supplies for more than 1,000 airlines, exchanges, repairs, and leases spare parts for aircraft and engines. AJW Group companies are based out of London, Dublin, Montreal, Shanghai, Singapore, Dubai, Moscow, and North America where we have dedicated teams to serve our regional customer base. AJW Group is focused on understanding customer challenges, aligning solutions with customer’s business models, and developing mutually beneficial partnerships.

About the Instructor:

Rustom Sutaria is a graduate of Kingston University with a B.Eng. (Hons.) in Aerospace Engineering. He also holds an MSc in Aircraft Maintenance Management from City University in London. Rus has approximately 20 years’ experience within Aircraft Engineering and maintenance, of which 15 years have been spent working for various high-profile aviation businesses in Technical Services functions. With a background in technical services management in continuing airworthiness oversight, quality & safety, Rus works with Sofema to develop & deliver high-quality training material in support of all EASA/CAR regulations and is based in Dubai as Sofema’s training & consultancy representative for the Middle East & the Indian sub-continent.

About the Training:

This highly interactive Statistical Analysis for AMP & Reliability Engineers – 1 Day
webinar delivered a practical understanding of the statistical mathematics behind aircraft maintenance reliability analysis, not least provides the basis for demonstrable compliance with AMC4 CAMO.A.305(g)
During the webinar, delegates considered mathematical problems and interpret the data with a view to key decisions regarding maintenance programme effectiveness, individual task development, and component reliability.

Delegates’ feedback after completing the training:

“The training was very good so thank you to you and your team for the course. The instructor was very good, clear and interactive and has represented your organisation very well.”
“The instructor provided good simple explanations and examples of the statistical distributions and how they might be used in real-world applications. No suggestions for any improvements.”


About Sofema Aviation Services:

Active across several continents SAS provides a clear understanding of the regulatory environment and acts as enablers to help organisations focus on organisational performance with the understanding that Regulatory Compliance is a step on the journey and not the destination.

Our Instructional Team is sincere, knowledgeable, and experienced with a focus on the effective delivery of interesting and relevant training to an adult audience.
Sofema Aviation Services www.sassofia.com and our sister company SofemaOnline www.sofemaonline.com provide classroom and online training for regulatory and vocational training fully compliant with EASA requirements.

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