Aviation Maintenance English Development Program

Aviation Maintenance English Development Program

SofemaOnline (www.sofemaonline.com) offers new for 2019

SofemaOnline Elite Program for Aviation Maintenance English

About SofemaOnline – The E-learning Revolution!

SofemaOnline (SOL) is a service provided by Sofema Aviation Services, offering a range of EASA compliant online regulatory courses, many with voice over.

All Regulatory and Vocational training courses are carefully formulated to be effective and to help you reach the correct level of understanding in the comfort of your own home or office.

Why English?

English is the language of aviation and this includes all the aviation maintenance specialisations. All Instructions for Continued Airworthiness (ICAW) as well as general maintenance and associated aircraft documentation are typically written in English.

To fully engage with the manufactures documentation, it is necessary to have developed specific English language skills which are focused on a comprehensive understanding of aviation terminology.

Meeting the Challenge

Whilst you will already speak and understand basic English this is an essential first step, next you will need to develop a wider industry-specific vocabulary.

Understanding not just the message, but also the context and being able to freely interact is an essential pre-requisite and will allow you to fully engage with colleagues

Accurate use of grammar within a technical context will help to meet the need to be able to write clear & concise reports

Essential Features of the SofemaOnline Elite Program for Aviation Maintenance English

A structured approach to learning will support you to help you develop the necessary skills to learn and to continue Aviation Maintenance English language development in the context of your expanding technical vocabulary.

The Entire program is supervised and managed by native English speakers with a high level of competence.

Throughout the program, you will continue to focus on the four primary areas of

Reading, Speaking Listening & Writing


Key vocabulary is selected from the aircraft maintenance technical environment to provide a framework to develop a comfortable relationship with providing and receiving instructions and engaging with problem solving activities.


The course fully develops listening skills with considerations related to the mechanisms associated with effective listening


To develops the confidence necessary to speak and discuss both within a 1 on 1 environment as well as in the context of group briefing.

Understand how to repeat with different words as well as gaining the ability to paraphrase so that you can be understood.


Developing the skills to improve technical reading ability, particularly where related to technical aviation documentation.

How to pre-register for the program

Email online@sassofia.com now with the subject: Aviation English to receive information updates and to qualify for additional launch discounts.