April 01, 2020


Sofema Aviation Services is pleased to present our upcoming specially developed  Webinar training course
for COVID – 19:

Transport of COVID – 19 related Infectious Substances – 1 Webinar (6 hours)
Date: 15 April 2020
Price: 195 EUR per delegate

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COVID – 19 has created huge challenges for the supply & transport chain. Not least because of the fact that whilst much of the transport industry is in “lockdown”. There is an obligation to transport to medical laboratory samples for testing as well as many tonnes of medical waste from seriously ill people which needs to be transported to special depots for extermination.

This training covers in detail the requirements for both ground and air transport and also include essential safety and hygiene recommendations. It ensures that all critical staff who are engaged in the supply, distribution and waste management of critical medical products are fully aware of the instructions for packing, handling and shipping of patient specimens and medical waste. Read more

What is the benefit of attending this training?

After completing the course you should be able to:

a) Understand the regulatory requirements related to transport of infectious substances by air and by road
b) Be able to Implement correct packaging, marking, labelling and documents related to COVID – 19 Infectious Substances
c) Understand and correctly fulfill the Safety and Hygiene requirements while transporting COVID – 19 related materials


– Abbreviations and definitions
– Legal background
– Shipper responsibilities
– Classification and Identification
– Packing
– Marking and labelling
– Documentation
– Emergency response
– Safety and Hygiene Recommendation

You can see more details about the course here

How does Sofema Webinar Work?

We use https://zoom.us/. This is a live program where the instructor takes you through the material in real-time with easy to use Software.
This way of learning is highly interactive and spares the delegates additional costs such as travel and accommodation. Some more benefits include:
– We provide all attendees with an MP4 file of the entire proceedings – The file is available on completion for download from our Dropbox account (MP4 is audio & Visual format);
– There is a factor of 50% ratio between Webinar and classroom – means a 2-day classroom training takes 1 day as Webinar.

Webinar is a cost-effective way to cover the material for a small to a medium-size group of people. To go ahead with delivery the minimum number of participants required per course is six persons. However, if you are on your own please make the request to attend the training as we will consolidate and develop a group from all our clients.

Webinar Multi Delegate Discount

  • For 2 Delegates (or 1 Delegate attending 2 Training) we offer a 10% Discount for each Delegate
  • For 3 Delegates or more (or 1 Delegate attending 3 or more Training) we offer a 15% Discount for each Delegate

Email office@sassofia.com to register or to receive any further details


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