March 19, 2020


This information is intended to provide an update for clients of Sofema Aviation Services and SofemaOnline

In addition to share how we will continue to provide a service for all our Clients and New Customers

Our Immediate Response

Steven Bentley – CEO of Sofema, shares the strategy to support our customers for the next months.

OPEN Regulatory Training Courses

All Open Training has been rescheduled for September / October & November – We note that this is many months away, however, we have taken the most realistic and practical view. Please see here for details of our forthcoming training program:

PRIVATE In-Company Training Courses

We will continue to offer and support all in-company training as far we possibly can, in the light of multiple closures and restrictions – we keep in careful contact with our clients to mutually agree and to support and expedite the best outcome for our clients.

Online Training (SofemaOnline)

With more than 150 EASA & FAA Regulatory Compliant online courses currently available, we continue to offer and support a full program. Please see here:

Please note that if you do not see the online course you are looking for, you can email and we will look at how we can support you.

Ongoing Support

Sofema Aviation Services (SAS) Webinar

SAS Interactive Webinar is the perfect solution in these difficult times to be able to still meet your regulatory training objective and is extremely competitive at 195 Euro/Day with Multi-Delegate Discount Available.

SAS has the most effective Webina training program in the Industry with over 550 Courses currently available. We have been providing interactive Webina training for the last 5 years and the client feedback has been extremely positive.

Special Note: Every Webina attendee receives a full MP4 download of the presentation.

Please see here for the full list of courses:

How to Arrange a Webinar Training?

Email – with details of your request – We will then Co-ordinate and share the best way to meet your objective.

Ongoing Support for SofemaOnline Clients

We currently have 3 special offers available for existing & new clients – SofemaOnline is here to support you over these difficult times please visit any link for more details:

EASA 145 Recurrent Package HF – EWIS – FTS for only 99 USD

10% Home Study Discount for any Sofema Diploma

“Incredible 550” offer – 20% off any Single SOL Course for New Users


Additional Questions?

Please email or and we will be pleased to answer.


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