EASA Quality Assurance Auditing, ESDS and Stores Incoming Inspection Training delivered in Bahrain

Altin Vrapi – Instructor of Sofema Aviation Services, had the pleasure to deliver EASA Quality Assurance Auditing, ESDS and Stores Incoming Inspection Training session in the facilities of Bahrain Airport Services.

The session started on September 1st and finished on September 7th. Six delegates completed the training session successfully. They learnt how to:

- Develop a detailed understanding of the roles and responsibilities related both to the compliance delivery system (Quality Control – QC) and the independent compliance oversight system (Quality Assurance QA)

- Manage effectively Electrostatic Discharge Sensitive components and devices

- Have a practical understanding of the requirements to Manage and Develop an Aviation Store.

About the courses:

EASA Quality Assurance Auditing Introduction for Beginners – 3 Days

This course is designed to accommodate all persons who have an interest in becoming Quality Auditors and is appropriate whether they are based on a Part Ops environment or Part 147, Part 145 and Part M organisation.

The aims of the course are to consider the fundamentals of a fully compliant EASA Aviation Quality Assurance System; to improve the understandings of the purpose and the process of delivering effective audits.
Also to provide a review of the various steps contained within the audit process and to use effectively the five elements of an audit finding. Find out More

Electrostatic Discharge Sensitive (ESDS) – 1/2 Day

The primary goal of this training is to focus your understanding of the requirements of the organization to manage effectively Electrostatic Discharge Sensitive components and devices.

This course is a significant benefit to people working on the handling of Electronic components to ensure that damage does not occur from mishandling of the component.

By the end of this course, delegates are able to deliver effective management Electrostatic Discharge Sensitive components and devices. Find out More

Stores Incoming Inspection Initial – 3 Days

The course meets the intent of IOSA (MNT 4.5.6 The Operator shall ensure each maintenance organisation that performs maintenance for the Operator has a training program that provides for initial and continuation training for receiving inspectors) and Part 145 Stores Inspection competency training.

The course is designed for Personnel who are required to manage or operate a store or who are required to accept material into a store. Training Department and other Managers and Quality Audit staff will also benefit from attendance at this course. Find out More

About Sofema Aviation Services

SAS Corporate Focus Promotes Delivery Beyond Compliance – We believe passionately that regulatory compliance is a step on the journey and not the destination.

Active across several continents SAS provides a clear understanding of the regulatory environment and acts as enablers to help organisations focus on organisational performance with the understanding that Regulatory Compliance is a step on the journey and not the destination.

Our Instructional Team is sincere, knowledgeable and experienced with a focus on effective delivery of interesting and relevant training to an adult audience.

Supported by a wealth of knowledge our Instructors are able to focus on a genuine desire to support a real understanding at the organisational level of the subject matter.

What did the delegates say about the training session?

“Excellent explanations and good use of media to support”
“We received some extremely useful examples during the training.”
“The instructor’s explanations are very detailed and clear.”
“The experience of the instructor showed during the training.”
“Questions were welcomed all the time.”
“The instructor was very flexible”
“The course was very interactive.”
“I found all aspects of the course very useful.”

Sofema Aviation Services www.sassofia.com and our sister company SofemaOnline www.sofemaonline.com provide classroom and online training for regulatory and vocational training fully compliant with EASA requirements.

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