Helicopter Emergency Medical Services Regulatory Training – HEMS

Sofema Aviation Services is pleased to announce the delivery of  Helicopter Emergency Medical Services Regulatory Training in Budapest from 9th and 11th February 2015 in Airport Hotel Budapest.

This three day Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) specific regulatory training is aimed to deliver in depth training in understanding and applying international (ICAO), EU and national regulations governing to the HEMS and Air Ambulance operations and related activities.

This special training is mainly focused on professionals who are directly or indirectly involved in HEMS operations as commercial air operators, government organisations, civil aviation authorities, hospital operators.

HEMS operations in the EU are regarded as commercial air transport and are governed by relevant European Civil Aviation regulations. Majority of these regulations are largely aimed at the commercial air transport by large aeroplanes, inherited from JAR-OPS,  therefore application of these rules are often not self explanatory, and difficult. 

This applies to flight operations, equipment, crew,  training, security, to mention a few. HEMS operators often face the problem of being required to implement regulations that are tailored to a largely different type of operations, and can not find further assistance how to translate it to the very different and dynamic world  of HEMS and Air Ambulance.

HEMS operators also often have to cooperate with organisations that are outside the aviation community, police forces, hospitals, fire departments, even building authorities. We need special tools and language to emphasize, and have these entities to follow regulations that are originally apply to the air operator.

The course is following the demand to focus on this very special type of operations, as other training courses.

Helicopter Emergency Medical Services Regulatory Training  air operations regulations will cover the special features of HEMS operations in detail.

The training is delivered by a professional having in-depth knowledge on air operations, training, security in the HEMS environment as well as airline business.

Course Objectives

The course is designed to equip the delegate with the Skills, Knowledge and Materials (provided on Flash) to take the delegate to the point where he or she should be able to deliver effective application of the relevant international and EU regulations. 

 The applicant will have insight knowledge to the system planning of the HEMS services, including helicopter selection, location and number of bases, operational control, and  have opportunity to work on problems on these issues. We will also discuss some incidents to see how regulations directly or indirectly effect safety.

 For additional details please see https://sassofia.com/course_category/hungary/ or email office@sassofia.com