April 24, 2019


Sofema Online (www.sofemaonline.com) Special Announcement

 Maintenance Planning 5 Course Package is now available with full voice over

Experience our unique voice over “Instructor in the Room” delivery

When dealing with the complex technical systems involved in air transport the consequences of unreliable services become critical and may include a high cost of operation, a loss of productivity, incidents, and exposure to accidents which could even impact the company’s marketplace position. The Maintenance Planning function is critical to the integrity of the organisation and this course introduces the student to the EASA compliant Maintenance Planning Process.

What is the Purpose of the Maintenance Planning Package Multi-Course Training Program?

Well, we wanted to provide an opportunity for aspiring CAMO Planning Engineers to be able to undertake a series of training course to raise their knowledge level across a range of related subject areas.

Because of the volume of users (currently, 2500 delegates are enrolled in SOL training) we are able to offer very special package prices and this one is available for only 245 USD! – with full voice over

  • Special Package consisting of 5 Aircraft Maintenance Planning courses:
  • Introduction to Aircraft Maintenance Planning in an EASA Environment
  • Aircraft Maintenance Planning in an EASA Environment Fundamentals
  • Aircraft Maintenance Planning Management and Development in an EASA Environment
  • Aircraft Maintenance Planning Optimization Processes in an EASA Environment
  • Advanced Aircraft Maintenance Planning in an EASA Environment


Who will benefit from this course?

Essentially anyone who works in the CAMO environment includes Planning / Technical Records / Reliability / Engineering / Quality Assurance / Continuing Airworthiness Management & Maintenance Control.

What is the benefit of the program?

a) To be able to demonstrate you have completed a significant amount of detailed training directly related to Maintenance Planning in an EASA environment and related subjects.

b) To demonstrate a high level of supplemental – “vocational training” which grows your knowledge and industry awareness in your chosen field

c) To be able to seek employment opportunities with the knowledge that you have expanded your basic education.

d) To have the confidence to be able to engage in technical and regulatory conversations related to the role of Maintenance Planning.


How can I enrol?

Email online@sassofia.com now to request details, payment instructions and an enrollment form.