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EASA Logistics & Stores Inspection Procedures Package

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EASA Aviation Supply Chain – Logistics & Stores Inspection Online Training Program

Whilst the Aviation EASA Part 145, Supply Chain is often taken for granted, the reality paints a different picture. The entire process including the various stores and tooling control systems should be a cornerstone of a successful organisation.

SofemaOnline is pleased to offer this 3 Part Program specifically to deliver the knowledge required to build competence within the EASA Compliant Aviation Store.

The program covers several areas you will not find in other training courses and ensures the supply chain personnel are made aware of the criticality of the product they purchase and manage.

With optimisation, the organisation may develop lean processes which complement the logistics and production management and lead to improved efficiency related to the usage of tooling and material.

Learning Objectives of the Training is to provide attendees with:

- A detailed practical understanding of the EASA Regulatory Requirements to Manage and Develop an Aviation Store.
- To develop a detailed understanding of the various process and procedures for staff involved in Stores Management and Receipt Inspection.
- Provide the attendees with an understanding of airworthiness and Receipt Certification principles including – Electrostatic Inspection.
- How to develop your own local procedures for use in Stores and Goods Inspection areas.
- To review the problems associated with bogus parts where to verify status.

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About this course

Course type: Promo Package
The package consists of:
Part 1 Introduction and Regulatory Background to an EASA Compliant Storage System
Part 2 Storage Facility Management Guidance and Inspection of Product within an EASA Store
Part 3 EASA Storage Technical Procedures Including Additional Training Requirements
Category: Part 145
Price: 165.00 USD



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