April 08, 2020


SofemaOnline.com – wholly owned partner company of Sofema Aviation Services – now offers
Transport and Storage of Infectious Substances Connected with COVID-19
as part of their growing online training portfolio
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About the training:

COVID-19 creates huge challenges for the transport chain. From one side the restriction of movement of people “grounded” thousands of airplanes, made massive distortion on ground transport and enormous delay in delivery of goods. On the other side, the new transport need aroused. Millions of patient specimens need to be transported to medical laboratories for testing and tones of waste from ill people need to be transported to special depots for extermination. And both patient specimens and medical waste are Infectious Substances (Dangerous Goods).

The online training covering both ground and air transport and include some essential safety and hygiene recommendations. Read more

What is the benefit of attending this training?

After completing the course you should be able to:

a) Understand the regulatory requirements related to transport of infectious substances by air and by road
b) Implement correct packaging, marking, labeling and documents related to COVID – 19 Infectious Substances
c) Understand and correctly fulfill the Safety and Hygiene requirements while transporting COVID – 19 related materials


– Abbreviations and Definitions
– Legal Background
– Shipper Responsibilities
– Classification and Identification
– Packing
– Marking and labeling
– Documentation
– Emergency Response
– Safety and Hygiene Recommendation

You can see more information about the course here

Additional details:

Course type: Presentation without voice over
Duration equivalent to 6-hour classroom training
Price: 60 USD

You can enrol & benefit from up to 45% off with SOL Enhanced Discount Program, valid during the duration of COVID-19 here

How can I enrol?

Visit the Transport and Storage of Infectious Substances Connected with COVID-19 training page or email online@sassofia.com to request details, payment instructions and an enrolment form.

Sofema Aviation Services and European Cargo and Aviation Services (ECA Services) created a Webinar training specially designed for the transport of COVID-19 related materials. It’s done in full accordance with the requirements of WHO, IATA DGR, and ADR (You can find more details & register to undergo the course as a Webinar here).


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