NEW training – EASA Part 145 Rotary Aviation Production Planning

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This unique course focuses on a deep understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the Rotary Production Planner and deals with the various challenges which are faced in Rotary Workplace.
The course is delivered by our helicopter specialist David Brooks. Commented Steve Bentley CEO of Sofema Group of Companies ” We believe that this is a unique course which is not currently available from any other provider, we are lucky to have an instructor with the depth & breadth of competence possessed held by David Brooks”
The course will focus on ensuring Staff and Nominated personnel are aware of best practice and how best to develop existing processes in Production Planning
What is the Benefit of this Training – What will I learn?
a) To achieve a detailed understanding of the regulatory environment related to EASA Part 145 Production Planning
b) Be able to explain the roles and responsibilities related to the interface between Maintenance and Production Planning.
c) Be able to explain and promote a comprehensive understanding of the role of Production Planning in particular to include all the fundamental activities.
Detailed Content / Topics – The following Subjects will be addressed:
-Aircraft Maintenance Planning Introduction
-Regulatory Overview
-Continuing Airworthiness Part M – Part 145 Interface and responsibilities
-Contract & Subcontract Management
-Understanding the Quality Control Process in Production Planning
-Aviation Quality & Safety Systems Pt 145 Introduction
-Maintenance Planning overview
-The Basics of Maintenance Planning-The Approved Maintenance Program
-Understanding the generation of the Work Package-Task Packaging
-The Basics of Production Planning – Bringing together the key elements
-Post Holder Responsibilities and Relationships
Understand the various challenges which face an organisation to optimise the Production Planning Process. Request the training at or see here for more details