November 16, 2021


Our sister company Sofema Online has launched a New Package ideal for EASA Part 145 Aircraft Maintenance Organisations (AMO) and Maintenance Repair Organisations (MRO):

EASA Part 145 Safety System Development Package
consisting of 3 online courses for only 270 EUR

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What is included in the package?

EASA Part 145 Safety System Development Package covers in-depth the key elements which will help you develop and optimize your organisations’ safety system.

This intensive program is based on our classroom training with a duration of 7 days. It will provide you with the knowledge and practical considerations which will enable you to manage a senior safety role within the 145 Environment.

3 certificates will be available for you to download following successful course and examination completion. The package consists of:

Developing & Maintaining SMS Compliance in an MRO and 145 for Quality & Safety Personnel

This 2-day training course is optimised for the Quality & Safety Departments and is focused on the specific challenges faced by 145 and MRO organizations to develop the understanding of the organisations’ responsibility and how to ensure the implementation & management of an effective SMS system.

Aircraft Accident Investigation Process & Procedures

The purpose of this 3-day in-depth training is to consider the roles, responsibilities, and obligations related to the process of accident investigation including an understanding of the different philosophies.

This course will provide you with a detailed and basic understanding of the process of aircraft accident investigation and timeline construction process. Aircraft accident and incident investigations typically call on a multi-discipline approach to fact-finding reconstruction and determination, typically supported by subject matter experts in design, manufacturing, certification, together with in-service operation and maintenance.

Maintenance Error Management System & MEDA Training Program

Maintenance Error Decision Aid (MEDA) Training is a 2-day industry-specific training aimed at Training, Quality, and Safety Personnel who have responsibility for implementing, managing, or training Incident and Accident investigation and mitigation processes.

The Normal Price for the 3 courses, when undertaken individually, is 382.50 EUR

Take them as a package for the competitive price of 270 EUR / Delegate

How to register?

Visit the EASA Part 145 Safety System Development Package page and register directly or email for further details or group enrolments.


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