April 11, 2016


The course is written by an aviation professional with more than 45 years’ experience in commercial aviation, with the specific aim of providing a detailed practical understanding of the EASA Regulatory Requirements to Manage and Develop an Aviation Store.

Designed to develop a detailed understanding of the various process and procedures for staff involved in Stores Management and Receipt Inspection. In addition to provide the attendees with an understanding of airworthiness and Receipt Certification principles including: Electrostatic Inspection.

This is a full 3 day course covering all of the significant areas of the stores process and is intended for anyone who wants to have an in depth understanding of the role of  Store Keeper, Logistics Manager or Stores Inspector

Included in the content is the following subjects:

  • Contents
  • Abbreviations
  • Frequently Asked Questions – review
  • Introductory Exercise
  • Regulatory Background
  • ISO – AS9100 Aerospace Standard
  • Developing an EASA Compliant Aviation Store including Inspection, Storage and Quarantine
  • Parts Manufacturing Authority PMA / EPA
  • Fabrication of Parts
  • Receiving inspection techniques (components, consumables; requiring special attention: engines, LG etc)
  • Stores Receipt Guidance Documentation Review
  • Handling and Storage of Chemicals
  • Human Factors and Logistics
  • Dangerous Goods storage, packing, preparation for shipping
  • Electro Static Discharge Sensitive – ESDS
  • The problem of Bogus Parts
  • Disposal of Aircraft Components and Hazardous Waste
  • Safety & Quality System Review – SA, QC, QA & QI
  • Supplier Evaluation Procedures
  • SMS Introduction & Components of a SMS System
  • Authorized Release Certificates
  • Acceptance of Components as per Part M Subpart E
  • Dual/Triple Certifications
  • Components Life limited Components and Configuration Control
  • ATA 300 – Packing Requirements


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