December 18, 2023


Sofema Aviation Services (SAS) is Africa’s leading provider of EASA-compliant regulatory training

Being a global provider of EASA-Compliant Regulatory Training worldwide and offering a wide range of courses designed to enhance the competencies of aviation professionals, we are maintaining a strong presence across the African continent.

A Legacy of Excellence and Expertise

Over the years, we have consistently demonstrated our commitment to empowering the aviation industry with the knowledge and skills required to achieve excellence in compliance and safety. Since 2015, SAS has been at the forefront of aviation training, conducting an extensive range of courses tailored to meet the specific needs of the industry. From Johannesburg to Kenya, and from Tanzania to Gambia, SAS’s impact is widespread, ensuring that aviation professionals have access to the highest standard of education. Our relentless dedication to the African aviation sector has facilitated numerous partnerships with leading aviation entities. These partnerships underscore SAS’s integral role in enhancing the continent’s aviation standards and safety protocols.

Notable courses delivered by SAS include:

South Africa, Johannesburg – Partnering with Mega Aero Training Academy, courses such as “Logistics & Stores Inspection Procedures EASA – Essentials” and “EASA Part M Essentials” were held.

With esteemed partners like SACAA and SAAT, courses ranged from “Aircraft Reliability Systems” workshops to “EASA Part 21 & CAR 21 Subpart G & J Regulatory Framework.

Engagements with Saab Grintek Defence Facilities and Global Airways Facilities included training on “FAA FAR 145” and “EASA Compliant Quality Assurance for CAMO & 145” respectively.

Kempton Park – Working with Denel Aeronautics facilities on topics like “EASA Part 145” and “Aviation and Maintenance Human Factors Initial.

Botswana – Collaborating with Air Botswana for “EASA Part 145 Production Planning.”

Kenya – Together with Kenya Airways, sessions encompassed “EASA Part M Essentials for Large Aircraft“, “Logistics & Stores Inspection Procedures EASA Essentials,” and much more.

Namibia – Partnered with GATS for “EASA Part M Maintenance Planning Fundamentals.

Mozambique – Collaboration with LAM – Mozambique Airlines on “Logistics & Stores Inspection Procedures EASA.”

Uganda – Joining hands with Uganda Airlines on courses such as “Reliability Programs for PART-CAMO Maintenance Planning and Reliability Engineers.

Rwanda – Collaborating with Rwanda CAA on “FAA and EASA Major – Minor, STC & Repair Approval.”

Ethiopia – Partnering with Ethiopian Airlines Facilities and Ethiopian Airlines Group for comprehensive courses like “Certification Specification 25 (CS 25) Training Course” and “Managing Aircraft Lease Agreements and Maintenance Reserves.”

Congo, Senegal, Tanzania, Tunisia, Gambia – With various other partners like Congo Airways, 2AS Technics, Air Tanzania, TunisAir, and Gambia International Airlines Ltd, a broad array of courses were conducted, reflecting the vastness of our expertise and the depth of our African engagement.

Driving the Future of Aviation Regulatory Training

As SAS forges ahead, we continue to innovate and adapt to the evolving needs of the aviation industry. Our training programs are not just about imparting knowledge but are geared towards providing practical skills, ensuring aviation professionals excel in their roles, contributing significantly to the industry’s safety and efficiency.

 Transforming Maintenance Professionals into EASA – Compliant Trainers with Sofema Online (SOL) – In addition to our extensive range of regulatory training courses, Sofema Online (SOL) is excited to offer a unique opportunity for maintenance professionals in Africa: the EASA Continuing Airworthiness Instructor – Train the Trainer Initial Course.Reach out to to understand the current opportunity for support

Join the Ranks of Aviation Excellence

  • We invite all aviation professionals and organizations across Africa to take advantage of our world-class training programs.
  • Explore our extensive course offerings, and equip yourself or your team with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complexities of the aviation industry.

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