Sofema Aviation Services offers Regulators, Airport Operators and Owners EASA Compliant Regulatory Training

To be delivered at the Legends Hotel Sofia Bulgaria commencing 8th April 2015


EASA Commission Regulation (EU) No 139/2014 (Airports) – 3 Days – Sofia, Bulgaria  – Introduction to EASA Regulations for Aerodrome Operators and Regulatory Authorities - 8th April 2015

The new European Commission Regulation applicable to aerodromes was published and adopted on 12/02/2014. The regulation has a direct impact on Aerodrome Operators and Operations as well as Regulatory Authorities.

EASA is creating a performance based regulatory environment with common standards across all regulations which are enabled by EASA Basic Regulation 216/2008. Specific Focus on Management and Safety Systems is evident. The Aerodrome managers delivering specific oversight. EASA on behalf of all member states is obligated to show compliance with ICAO Standards, Recommendations and Guidance.

Requirements are introduced which have a direct bearing on Management Systems including Quality and Safety and Compliance elements.


Safety Management Systems Implementation for Airports – 2 Days – Sofia, Bulgaria  -  14th April  2015

The airport is a busy and dynamic environment with many stakeholders required to integrate into a unified SMS process. An effective SMS is about identifying exposure to risk as felt by the entire business.

This 2 Day intensive training is based on the requirements of 2014-012-R-Annex to ED Decision 2014-012-R.pdf Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMC) and Guidance Material (GM) to Authority, Organisation and Operations Requirements for Aerodromes Initial Issue 27 February 2014 .

This intensive 2 Day course focuses on effective development of an Aerodrome, EASA Compliant Safety Management System. Understanding roles and responsibilities developing and implementing process procedures and policies. Delegates will understand the differences between the ICAO and EASA SMS and specific knowledge regarding the SMS implementation process, as proposed by EASA.


SMS Risk Assessment for Airports – 1 Day – Sofia, Bulgaria – 15th April 2015

Developing an effective process within the organization to perform Hazard Identification, carry out analysis, and develop appropriate mitigations is a fundamental attribute of an effect Safety Management System.

The Strategy we adopt within the organization sets the tone for how effective the process will ultimately be.

If we view regulatory compliance as a minimum level, the organization has significant opportunities to develop effective strategies which will not only drive safety behaviours but can lead to significant optimizations across the business.

This one Day Essentials training is aimed at persons who are already working in the Quality & Safety departments and will provide a platform to help them develop a personal action plan to improve the Risk Management Process.

An element of the training will include several pre course questions and a short exercise which will improve the specific understanding of your challenges and needs to be discussed in general terms during the training.

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