Sofema Aviation Services release 3 Production Planning Online Training courses

SAS is pleased to announce the release of 3 courses through our online training portal EASAОnline

  1. Production Planning Basics
  2. Production Planning Management and Oversight and Developing
  3. More Effective Production Planning Processes


Each course is priced at 55 euros and together these 3 training programs build into a powerful presentation of the roles and opportunities of the Production Planning function and provide the opportunity to compare with the current practices within your organisation.

Each 1 day training (approx  6 – 7 hours work – includes links to relevant Video presentations)  may be undertaken as a standalone course, at your own pace and on successful completion of the exam you are able to print out your own certificate.

Please see for additional details


Contents of the training cover the following subjects:

The Basics of Production Planning – Bringing together the key elements

Understanding the generation of the Work Package-Task Packaging

145.A.40 Equipment, Tools And Material

145.A.42 Acceptance of components

145.A.45 Maintenance data

145.A.47 Production Planning

Man-hours Planning and Estimation

The importance of Considering AD’s SB’s and Mods

Maintenance Planning overview

The Basics of Maintenance Planning-The Approved Maintenance Program

Regulatory Overview

Post Holder Responsibilities and Relationships

Managing Competencies

Aviation Quality Systems Pt 145

Understanding the Quality Control Process in Production Planning

Accidents and Incidents the link to Safety – Human Factors and Production Planning

Continuing Airworthiness Part M – Part 145 Interface And Responsibilities

Procedures Information and Practices

Contract & Subcontract Management

The Role of SMS in Production Planning

Introduction to Effective Development Elements

Optimizing the performance of the Part 145- Production Planning makes the difference

Critical Path Analysis

Service Level Agreements

Optimizing the Supply Chain

Aviation Maintenance Post Check Analysis and Follow up

Production Planning Change Management Process

Capacity Planning


Sofema Aviation Services  and its online training portal deliver regulatory and vocational training compliant with EASA regulations to the highest professional standards.


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