January 19, 2015


14th & 16th January 2015 saw Sofema Aviation Services delivering a regulatory training course in EASA Regulation 965/2012 with a focus on the CAMO group and responsibilities.

30 delegates attended the training which was delivered in the facilities of WIZZ Air located in the vicinity of Terminal 1 Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport.

Wizz is a relative newcomer to the world of low cost aviation commencing services in 2003 – committed to operate new, best-in-their-class technology aircraft, maintained by some of the most reputable companies such as Lufthansa Technik. Wizz achieves a consistently high standard of service for travelers.

The network is constantly being expanded and new destinations are being introduced. Wizz Air is committed to achieving the lowest cost base in the region and airport choice has a crucial impact.

Commented Steven Bentley MD of SAS who delivered the training: “It was a pleasure to return to Budapest and to have the opportunity to deliver training in EASA Operations Regulation 965/2012. The course was well received with a strong and lively interaction. With Sofema Aviation Services our vision is to deliver, reliable, quality focused and flexible service on time, every time. We take our professional obligation very seriously and look forward to repeat business with our many satisfied customers.”


Comments received following the training included the following:

“Good General overview and lots of ideas for further study”

“Good examples”

“Made it interesting”

“Right Speed”

“Lots of Practical Examples”

“Good Practical Explanation of the Regulatory Environment”

“Well built up presentation”

“Understandable explanations”

“Clear Speech & Knowledge”

“Clear Explanation”

“Good Preparation”

“The instructor kept it interesting”


The team at Sofema Aviation Services works closely with our clients to produce both high-level EASA and UAE GCAA regulatory compliant policies and Organisational process and procedures. Behind Sofema Aviation Services we have over 40 years industry experience to call on, we are able to help you develop the most appropriate outcomes for your organization.


Please see the SAS website for additional details www.sassofia.com or email office@sassofia.com


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