June 24, 2020


SofemaOnline is pleased to share the latest feedback received by our delegates from different regions.

We are proud of our satisfied customers who trusted the Virtual Aviation Academy and choose SofemaOnline for their training needs.

See below what the delegates are saying:

D.A, Ghana – CAMO diploma

“I found SofemaOnline in early 2019 when my company was looking for a credible
training organization for our training needs. Upon just skimming through the website
and comparing it to other training websites I had seen, I was left without doubt that
SofemaOnline will be our best online training provider.

When I answered my last examination question on 30th May 2020, I felt the joy of a
new accomplishment that will significantly boost my aviation career. The entire
process of taking back-to-back courses and acquiring the knowledge I did not have
hitherto was to say the least memorable”.

S.M, India – Aviation Leadership and Management Skills Development Public Speaking

“The course are formulated and presented nicely, the voice and action of talking of Instructor are very clear and concise and full of excitement.

The course materials are sufficient to cover in depth knowledge of the subject, pictures and all makes the training really exceptional”.

L.K., Cyprus – SMS for accountable managers

“The course was very helpufull, it provides you a good knowledge to manipulate safety.
It was a very intense and comprehensive course and it is corresponds to my expectations”.

M.H, Philippines –  Security Awareness Training

“It is excellent and very convenient on which I can study on my own phase”.
The case studies are very interesting and useful to the topic. The course is perfect”!

A.M, LatviaEC regulation 965/2012 Essentials

“Informative, precise, nice layout, no unnecessary going too much in details. Well done.”
The explanation of the architecture of EU regulation was very useful”

K.B, KiribatiAircraft Maintenance Planning Package

“It gives me more deeper understanding on the Aircraft Maintenance Planning. Very intensive and marketable to my workplace.”
Many thanks for sofema online courses for the discount for more than 1 delegate that why I told my colleagues about sofema online course”

J.H.S., NamibiaAviation Compliance Auditing In an EASA Environment

“Very user friendly and the voice over was perfectly understood”.
The whole course were very useful to me.”

F.K, U.A.E – 15 courses with SofemaOnline

“I’m extremely satisfied with the content and presentation. It has enhanced my professional experience.
The training material is inline with industry standard, the course material provides participants in depth knowledge of industry practices which they can implement practically.
The courses are great value for money!”

K.R, United KingdomPart 66 – Going it Alone

“All aspects of this course was useful. Very informative.
Helped with my understanding of what qualifications are needed to acquire an aircraft engineer lic”.

T.R., United KingdomHuman Factors Initial

“Very good, anecdotal stories very informantive. Very positive, it get over the point of how important the job is and how little thigs you do or don’t do can have a big impact.”

SofemaOnline is paying attention to what our customers say, as it helps us to improve their learning experience.

Please continue to share your SofemaOnline experience with us by email to online@sassofia.com

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