September 19, 2023


Sofema is delighted to share the Success Stories of our customers who completed a SOL Diploma.

We are here to support our clients by providing them with the training solution that fits their needs the best. That’s why we developed our Learning Path Diploma Programs – To help you build the career path leading to your success.

We want to share the story of Juma Kenneth. He completed the following SOL Diploma:
Aircraft Technical Leasing

This is what he shared about his training experience:

With an Aircraft Maintenance background & working in the aircraft leasing and finance industry, I chose to undertake this diploma in order to further develop and enhance my specialist knowledge in the sector and the diploma certainly delivered on that front. The programme and syllabus are very comprehensive and very well designed. I studied many topics which I was already quite familiar with from my day-to-day work and this gave me the opportunity to really drill down into these areas and develop my expertise. Equally, we covered topics I was a lot less familiar with and getting the opportunity to study these areas and understand the fundamentals of them has really broadened my knowledge base.

The programme is also perfectly tailored to busy working professionals. The course organisers are clearly very cognisant of the fact that the majority of people undertaking the diploma will have very demanding jobs and so the flexible online manner in which the course is offered is superb and most welcome.

We asked Juma a couple of questions:

1) How did you find out about the Aircraft Technical Leasing Diploma?

When I was taking my full course on reliability, the Diploma was equally in the course catalogue. Since I had enrolled for the Reliability course, it came to my mind that this Diploma is a “MUST do” since it is what I do with lots of drive and passion for its voluminous information and data review.

2) What inspired you to take your current professional role?

This was necessitated by passion and drive as I have always had the vision to be an astute global aviation legal scholar & academic expert in all aspects.

3) How did the Aircraft Technical Leasing Diploma help you excel in your career?

This Diploma has armed me to raw in the field with an open-minded approach, learn from those before me and create a positive impact on those who wish to take this path as a life career.

Thank you, Juma, for sharing your story with us! It’s delightful to know that the SOL Diploma enriched your skills and significantly influenced your professional growth! We hope that you will continue choosing Sofema! 

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