Aviation Human Factors Training for Trainers – What’s it all about?

Steven Bentley on behalf of Sofema Aviation Services is pleased to present an overview of what takes place during our very intensive 2 day train the trainer for Human factors.

Sofema Aviation Services (SAS) is one of the few companies who offer Human Factors Train the Trainer or HFTTT but no one is doing it quite like SAS. With our skilled Instructors with many years experience we are able to dig into how organisations may deliver effective human factors training.

The Training is very dynamic highly practical and considers the following -

The challenges of Teaching Human Factors to an Adult Audience;

Developing “Case Studies” into an exercise which involves group working with an elected spokesperson presenting the findings, understanding how to make them more effective;

Considering the difference between Evaluation and Feedback – Understanding how to develop effective feedback, where to use evaluation processes;

Developing and Presenting your own experiences and how to  present your incident.

Identifying human factors in the incident you have considered ? …….underline the relevant ones

Safety culture / Organizational factors / Lack of knowledge / Human reliability/ Human performance and limitations / Vision/ Hearing / Stress/  Situation Awareness / Workload management / Other Factors.

How to ensure and deliver  a  direct connection between the case study activities of the participants. How to use effectively case studies to support training ?

What are the advantages ?

What are the disadvantages and how to avoid ?

Ideal Preparation ?

What can we do to make it more effective ?

Aviation Human Factors Training for Trainers  – Motivation – As trainers we need to “manage” learners motivation during the training we explore ways that this may be  achieved.

Balancing Presentation, Motivation  Debate & Discussion- Understanding what are our objectives, ? how to ensure we maintain interest ? and in particular how do encourage feedback ?

onsider the error models and how we can use the concept to improve our teaching ?

Which error model would work best and why ? – practicing group presentation

Dealing with organizational data consider what relevant accident to incident data is available to you in your organization.

What is the Inductive Process and how can we use the Inductive process to improve our teaching.

When delivering Aviation Human Factors Training for Trainers – Consider the advantages and disadvantages of using a Flip Chart and a White board.

As part of the course Delegates will make there own presentation to consider the following

1/ Lack of Communication -

2/ Complacency  -

3/ Lack of Knowledge -

4/ Distraction -

5/Lack of Team Work -

6/ Fatigue –

7/ Lack of Resources –

8/ Pressure –

9/ Lack of Assertiveness –

10/ Stress –

11/ Lack of Awareness –

12/ Norms -

If you would like more information please email office@sassofia.com or visit our web site www.sassofia.com