Customer Access to MRO Software – Dealing with Third Parties?

If you are a Continuous Airworthiness Management Organization ( CAMO) who is managing Clients aircraft, (Dealing with Third Parties)  Our MRO software solution is ideal for you because at no additional cost each client may have access to their own particular aircraft  (Customer Access to MRO Software).

As independent consultants we have the advantage of being able to choose who we recommend The decision to recommend “our” software was taken after the analysis of some 30 MRO software solutions. Many are more or less equal in what they deliver. However they vary widely on the prices they charge for full implementation. We are strong advocates of value for money.

Our solution provides this  unique benefit at no additional costs. Just like dividing up a Pizza each client “of yours” has full visibility but only of its own slice of the Pizza, so while are able to see it all  the clients are also able to demonstrate that they have continuous oversight and audit capability which is a fundamental EASA requirement.

As already highlighted the cost of ownership of this Software is significantly less than most competing products whilst offering the same or better functionality. As an added advantage the Software  may be owned or leased and can either be server or web based.

ROI (return of investment). With our integrated software solution ROI can be achieved in under 12 months (depending on circumstances & modules chosen).

Various functions of the Maintenance software include the management of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance. Work or task card generation. Maintenance Program management. Airframe Engine and Component Management, reliability and  Inventory Management.

The core functions of the maintenance management process whilst inherently straightforward result in a complex software which translates often to a costly software solution. (however this need not always be the case)  The challenge for the Software developer is to convince the airline or MRO that his software justifies the investment. However  the recognition that the implementation of an effective MRO software drives significant cost savings is a proven fact.

Delivering amongst other benefits dramatic operational efficiencies across content management, intelligent publications, parts requisitioning and job cards. Taking advantage of implementing MRO simplifies engineering and maintenance activities by delivering controlled and managed information effectively and where it is required.

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