January 02, 2020


If like the vast majority of our clients the answer is Maintenance Error Management is of “Critical Importance” then 2020 could be the year to lay the foundation to deliver your strongest ever “Error Management Process”

Introducing Aviation Maintenance Error Management Systems (MEMS) Intensive – 2 Days – Sofia, Bulgaria – February 17th and February 18th 2020

Maintenance Error Decision Aid (MEDA) “Train the Trainer” – 3 Days – Sofia, Bulgaria February 19th and February 21st 2020

For details of the forth-coming Maintenance Error management training please see the following link:


EASA Part 145 approved organisations will need to fully engage with Maintenance Error Management System (MEMS) Processes as Part of EASA Part 145 Forthcoming SMS requirements.

This course provides focus on the use of the Boeing developed Maintenance Error Decision Aid, MEDA, as an organisational tool to deliver effective maintenance error management.

Maintenance errors cost millions of dollars each year in rework, late performance and lost revenue, additionally creates pre-cursors with the potential expose safety hazards.

Using the MEDA process assists maintenance organisations in identifying why these events occur and how to prevent them in the future.

Identifying the Aviation Need for a Maintenance Error Management System (MEMS)

Consider the Following Factors:

Human Factors is a major component of Maintenance Error, an active organisation system which is able to manage exposure to risk and hazards can benefit the entire process by significantly lowering the possibility of both Human Factor (HF) and Organisational related incidents and events.

Maintenance Error Management System (MEMS) provides an organisation methodology which using a framework and a defined process (in our case BOEING MEDA) to help to understand not just the error and its root cause, but the contributing factors – essentially it is the understanding and management of the contributing factors which adds strength to the system.

Within the Organisation Culture and Behaviour play a significant role in the exposure to error and through MEDA we are able to work to identify the degree of exposure, integrated into an SMS system can significantly improve the reach and effectiveness of the MEMS Program.


Sofema Aviation Services – Runs a 5 Days program consisting of

2-Day MEMS Training Course

3-Day MEDA Training for Trainers

Take your organisation to a higher level now!

Enroll your team for Sofema Aviation Services (SAS) MEMS & MEMS Train the Trainer Program


Benefits of attending the Training Program Include:

  • Gain Understand the responsibilities of a maintenance error investigator
  • Understand how to Implement a MEDA process within your Organisation
  • Be Able to engage with effective interview techniques
  • Be Trained to fully engage with effective investigations


Contact Sofema Aviation Services (www.sassofia.com) now to reserve your place – email office@sassofia.com.


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