February 19, 2021


EASA Part 66 Module 9 and Module 10 for EASA Third Country Organizations:

  • Classroom or Online
  • Fully Compliant with Part 66 Module Requirements
  • Cost-Effective Delivery

Introducing Sofema Aviation Services (SAS) www.sassofia.com and SofemaOnline (SOL) www.sofemaonline.com


Since founding Sofema Aviation Services in 2008 and later SofemaOnline – We now offer more than 550 Classroom Courses and 200 online courses.

Whilst SAS is known to EASA please note the challenge that Regulatory Training Organisations do not have EASA Approval – this applies not only to Sofema but to other organisation such as JAA-TO – Baines Simmons – CAA International – Even EASA itself does not have the approval to provide regulatory training!

First to mention that last year (2020) SAS issued approximately 7500 certificates for online training we have never had a certificate refused by any regulatory authority. Since inception, we have issued over 30,000 certificates and we continue to grow because of our professionalism and pricing which is highly competitive and the reason we keep growing (in some cases our online courses are 10% of the cost of our competitors).

We also provide specific courses for Regulatory Authorities delivered by our instructors (We have 20 Instructors / Consultants), many with previous experience of regulatory authority employment.

Regarding PART 66 Module 9 & Module 10 – As a 147 we are not authorised to deliver these modules as we are a type training organisation B737-NG & Max plus EMB 190 / 170.

However, we deliver both modules in accordance with the provision of UG.CAO.00126-003 the classroom 3 days HF (Mod 9) and 5 Days Air Leg (Mod 10) together – the material runs to just under 1500 slides (It is a significant training program).

The material “faithfully” follows the EASA subjects in detail to provide the delegate with an effective learning opportunity – all modules have end of module questions – plus end of course questions.

Some of our clients require a controlled & formal student setting under the guidance of the QA department in other cases post-course interviews are performed to establish competence.

Please see here:

https://sassofia.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/B8.-UG.CAO_.00126-Components-engines-and-APU-certifying-staff.pdf – this is from the SAS download Area (we also offer a complete set of EASA Part 145 Compliant audit check sheets FOC – see here https://sassofia.com/download-area/)

It is for this reason that even we are a 147 we do not claim delivery under the control of the “147” rather we deliver in accordance with UG.CAO.00126-003.

When selecting a non-EASA Part-147 AMTO to provide the Human Factor training and/or Aviation Legislation, the maintenance organisation quality department shall be in a position to demonstrate as a minimum that:

  • The course is carried out according to a detailed syllabus including level of training as per EASA Part 66 Module 9 and/or 10 as applicable (the duration of the course need to be specified to demonstrate the adequacy to cover all subjects);
  • The Qualification criteria for instructors is defined;
  • A maximum number of training Hours per day is defined (HF principal to be considered);
  • A maximum of trainees per group of trainees (28 person).

Whilst we deliver these courses in the classroom, we also put exactly the same courses online:

https://sofemaonline.com/lms/courses/205-human-factors-module-9-plus-air-leg-module-10-for-foreign-part-145-approval-holders/preview – In this case, the cost of the combined package is 270 Euro.

EASA has previously accepted SofemaOnline Module 9 & Module 10 online training as for small teams it is prohibitively expensive to insist on Classroom.

However, this does not detract from the importance to ensure the training faithfully captures all objectives.

Additional comments

Some organisations believe that Mod 9 replaces 145.A.30 HF – it does not – both are applicable but only for Certifying & Quality Staff – for general staff within the 145 Organisation – 145.A.30 is satisfactory to meet the requirements.

To Satisfy EASA Requirements we always recommend that the Quality Auditor also completes the course in order to audit for compliance with EASA regulatory requirements (For larger Groups 5 or more we provide FOC access to the material for Audit Purposes).

Please see the following from Sofemaonline.comFAQ section

Regarding EASA Part 66 Module 9 & 10

Sofema Aviation Services together with our partner AETS holds regulatory approval BG.147.0005.

Our approval is for type training in accordance with our capability. It does not allow us to issue Module 9 & Module 10 certificates required to obtain Part 66 Basic Licence.

However please note the following – Sofema Aviation Services offers Module 9 Human Factors and Module 10 Air Legislation as classroom training in support of 3rd Country Part 145 Workshop Certification Approval (please refer to Foreign Part-145 approvals – Components, engines and APU certifying staff UG.CAO.00126-003).

Under the scope of the user guide, the training is approved by the Quality Assurance Manager of the Receiving Organisation.

SofemaOnline offers Module 9 Human Factors & Module 10 Air Legislation for two purposes:

a) To Provide an online option equivalent to SAS Classroom training – again approved by the Quality Assurance Manager of the Receiving Organisation;

b) For study & review purposes in support of preparation for EASA Part 66 formal examinations.

What are the Organizational Obligations Regarding EASA Regulatory Compliant & Vocational Courses?

Under the EASA system, it is the responsibility of the organization to ensure that any training is compliant not just with EASA regulations but also with the internal competence management and oversight requirements of the Organization.

About www.sofemaonline.com course materials

All SofemaOnline training courses are based on material provided by Sofema Aviation Services (SAS) www.sassofia.com and are intended to be fully compliant with the regulations. However please note it is for the receiving organization to ensure that the material meets your needs.

To support this obligation if you sign up 5 or more delegates for a single training we will also provide additional access for a nominated quality auditor to assess the training. (In this way you as an organization can ensure the training meets your expectations, in addition, it will enable you to demonstrate you have audited the material which is part of the 145 audit program).

Such access will be provided before you pay for the training (we are confident that our training is compliant and we want to support you in the best way possible). If you have less than 5 persons who wish to take the training we suggest you initially pay for a single course and use it for the purpose of internal approval.

Final Comments – We continue to grow and confidently expect we will double in size in the next 5 years – we are active in all areas of Regulatory Training & Consultancy Support.

Please email Team@sassofia.com for additional details.


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