Train the Trainer – Quality Auditor

An essential element of an EASA compliant Quality System is the independent audit, in small to medium companies, often it is convenient to train key personnel throughout the business with the skills necessary to perform Quality Audits, rather than to maintain a full time audit staff.

Sofema Aviation Services is pleased to announce the introduction of an additional course in the Train the Trainer series. – Quality Auditor Training for Trainers.

This course covers the fundamental aspects of training your own audit staff  to deliver effective audits to your company standard. To have the flexibility in-house to train your own auditors can improve the organizational effectiveness.

The Aim of this course is to provide aviation Quality Audit  Trainers with techniques to deliver Quality Assurance Auditor Training.

The course is a highly participative and stimulates involvement and provides for powerful motivation. To introduce the delegate to training skills and to provide the confidence which can be developed to deliver effective Quality Assurance Audit Training.

This course is a Train the Trainer course it is not a replacement for Quality Assurance Audit Training but is intended to prepare the Trainer for training the subject within their own organizations.

Sofema Aviation Services is a solid and reliable provider of services to the Aviation Community. We are able to support you to understand and implement an effective Quality Audit  program within your work place.

We understand the issues which challenge your business and with our experience we can help you to meet the challenges which are faced to deliver effective training.

Attendees to this course will develop a company specific training program suitable to manage the organisations Quality training requiremen.

Attendees will also have an opportunity to purchase a license to permit in company trainings of the following course – Sofema Aviation Services Quality 2 Day Audit Training.

Key elements of the training include:

Measuring and training Auditor Competencies

Carrying out an Audit – Audit Processes how to be Effective

Effective Audit Communication &  Dealing with Situations

To provide a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory requirement for effective EASA Compliant Quality Audit training in both the operations and maintenance fields.

To provides a thorough grounding in effective techniques to enable you to deliver appropriate Quality Audit training throughout the organisation.

To promote best training practices and motivation within your organization.

To enable the development of  a company specific and comprehensive  Quality System Audit training program compliant with EASA  requirements.

How to identify areas which need special attention and how to focus our efforts on making sure our trainings deliver in all relevant areas.

If you would like to find out more about Sofema Aviation Services Train the Trainer program or in specific Sofema Aviation Services Quality Audit Train the Trainer please visit or email