EASA Fatigue Risk Management Systems For Part 145 Maintenance Organisations – 1 Day


The purpose of the Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS) is to ​promote a reduc​tion, as far as practicably reasonable, workplace fatigue and its associated risks, to ensure a safe and error-free work environment for employees, contractors, and clients.

Driven by ICAO both the FAA & Transport Canada are also promoting effective FRMS within the maintenance environment.
Currently EASA has focused FRMS within the Flight Operations environment however in the near future this will be expanded to include FRMS within Aviation Maintenance.​

​In preparation of the forthcoming changes together with the need to promote a pro-active SMS within the ​MRO environment this training focuses exclusively on the role of FRMS with the maintenance environment.

As with any Safety Management System, (FRMS should ideally be a component of your SMS) commitment from senior and line management together with clear consultation and effective communication with all employees should be ensured to provide a positive safety culture.

An essential obligation affecting all parties is the recognition of the shared responsibility between the Service Provider (The operator – Airline or Air Carrier) and the individual employee, together with the need for effective oversight by the regulatory authority.

Detailed Content / Topics – The following Subjects will be addressed 

  • Introduction
  • Terminology and Abbreviations
  • Regulations Applicable to Fatigue EASA Part 145
  • FRMS – How to Assess your Organisations Status
  • The Concept of Fatigue Risk Management Systems
  • Science of Sleep and Foundations of Fatigue
  • Understanding the Challenge of Migrating from a Compliance Based FRMS to a Performance Based FRMS
  • Considering the Challenge of Developing an Open and Effective Reporting Culture
  • Considering the Steps to Implement an Effective FRMS within your Organisation
  • Integrating FRMS within an SMS
  • FRMS Systematic Management
  • FRMS Documentation
  • FRMS Training
  • Promotion of FRMS within the context of a “Culture of Trust”

Target groups 

Nominated Persons, Business Area Managers, Production Control Staff, Quality, Safety & FRMS dedicated staff, other stakeholders and interested persons. members of the Regulatory Authority.


Familiarity with EASA Part 145 and ICAO SMS requirements is an advantage but not essential as this course is stand alone.​

Learning Objectives 

– To understand the exposure, implementation challenge and effective management of a Fatigue Risk Management System.
– To achieve a deep understanding of the associated regulations and requirements​, in particular ​how an FRMS integrates within the organisations SMS.​
– To understand the tools and mechanisms for gathering and analyzing FRMS data within your own ​Maintenance Repair Organisation (​MRO​)​.​
– To consider best practice development of an effective reporting policy.


1 day – Start at 09.00 and finish at 17.00, with appropriate refreshment breaks.

To register for this training, please email team@sassofia.com or Call +359 28210806

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