EASA Part SPA Performance Based Navigation PBN – 1 Day


EASA Part SPA was issued as Annex V to Commission Regulation 965/2012.

Part SPA provides for the Implementing Rules, (IRs), Acceptable Means of Compliance, (AMCs), and Guidance Material, (GMs) related to Specific Approvals which are available for an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) –Air Carrier (AC) to apply for.

Performance Based Navigation (PBN) is a powerful airspace design tool that enables the optimal placement of PBN-specified area navigation Air Traffic Services (ATS) Routes.

Performance Based Navigation (PBN) traces its roots back to the early 1980s, When. ICAO set up a special committee on the Future Air Navigation System (FANS).

Under RNP, the simplest procedure is RNP APCH (approach), formerly referred to as GPS/GNSS RNAV approaches, designed for use to runways that do not have adequate ground-based navigation facilities.

This one-day course will achieve an understanding of the history, development, and practical oversight requirements of Specific Approvals, gain insight into the functionality of EASA Part SPA annexes.

What is the Benefit of this Training – What will I learn?

To familiarize Regulatory Authorities Current AOC holders and other Operational and Concerned Personnel Maintenance Management & Operations with a detailed understanding of SPA Operations Approval and the requirements for an Operator and Maintenance Organisation to remain compliant.

Detailed Content / Topics – The following Subjects will be addressed

-General Introduction
-Abbreviations & Terms
-Evolution of ICAO Navigation Specifications
-Introduction to PBN
-ICAO Global Air Navigation Plan and Timeline – FAA Regulatory Drivers
-Annex V (Part-SPA) Regulatory Introduction
-EASA Performance-Based Navigation (PBN) Considerations
-Future Air Navigation System FANS

Target groups

Regulatory Authority Members, Flight Safety Department Managers and Inspectors with operational oversight responsibilities, Operations Accountable Managers and proposed Nominated Persons (NP) Flight OPS, Maintenance
Planning (CAMO) and Maintenance OPS (145) , Crew Training and Ground Ops, Compliance Monitoring Managers (Quality Managers) and Auditors, Safety Managers, Flight Safety Officers, Flight Operations Officers and Cabin Crew Management.


A background or understanding of Operations within European aviation will bean advantage.

Learning Objectives

Achieve a full understanding of the:

-ICAO Global Air Navigation Plan and Timeline – FAA Regulatory Drivers
-Evolution of ICAO Navigation Specifications
-EASA Performance-Based Navigation (PBN) Considerations

What do People Say About Sofema Aviation Services Training?

“This training offers very good explanations of difficult topics.”
“All aspects were useful, and the examples were great.”
“This training helped me to develop some new skills.”
“The instructor is very resourceful and intelligent.”
“Having a visual material helps a lot in the learning process.”


1 Day – To commence at 09.00 and finish at 17.00, with appropriate refreshment breaks.
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