Integrating the organisations HF/ CRM, QMS and OHSS into the Safety Management System within the EASA Environment – Review and Best Practice Workshop – 1 Day

Introduction –

How effective is your organisational Safety Management System (SMS)? Are you satisfied with the metrics? How well are you using the data which is being collected? How effective is the process of Exposure Analysis and Mitigation recommendation.

This 1 day intensive course is aimed at Business Area owners, Nominated Persons / Accountable Managers and Quality & Safety Managers. The purpose is to deliver a reset to understand the current position and to determine an appropriate action plan to deliver improved performance, leading to a safer and more cost effective environment.

The course has been developed by an industry professional with more than 45 years commercial aviation experience and a detailed exposure to organisation best practice.

This course is not for beginners it is intended for Industry Professionals who have a genuine desire and see a need within their respective organisations to understand exposure, integrate best practice and to promote and drive improvement.

Detailed Content / Topics – The following Subjects will be addressed –

– Review of Quality Management System and Safety Management System with the EASA ‘World”
– Do we have a full and detailed understanding of the terminology and its effect & meaning – QMS / SMS Hazard & Risk / Proactive & Reactive.
– How are we Managing Occupational Health & Safety ? is it complaint with the National requirements –and integrated fully into the organisational SMS
– How effective are we at dealing with Root Cause Analysis – Who’s responsibility anyway?
– What is the current status of our HF / CRM – “Let’s be honest” Is it tick the box or does it genuinely add value (how to determine)?
– How are we currently measuring the effectiveness of our SMS – what metrics are we using and do they deliver the information in the way we require?
– How effective is our QMS? – How to measure & what are the indicators
– What is the difference between an organisational optimizing QMS and an EASA compliant QMS
– How to Gather Data from HF / CRM Training?
– How to gather and process data from across the business
– What is the current status of our SMS related to Resources / Manpower / Documentation and Training and how integrated is it within our business process
– Where are our current organisational exposures – Gap Analysis workshop exercise
– Developing and delivering a real and effective action plan. With assigned deliverables and an agreed timeline

Target groups –

Business Area owners, Nominated Persons / Accountable Managers and Quality & Safety Managers

Pre-requisites –

Participants are expected to have a working knowledge of the regulations.

Learning Objectives –

After the training participants will have a focused understanding of the
organisational issues affecting the SMS implementation and will be able to:

– To Understand specific regulatory requirements and how it impacts your
– To perform group focused Gap Analysis of the Current Status
– To determine options for appropriate organizational strategies to meet
organization needs and compliance
– To consider options for implementation of desired actions
– To consider options for implementation timelines

Duration –
1 day – Start at 09.00 and finish at 17.00, with appropriate refreshment breaks.
To register for this training, please email or Call +359 28210806

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