Recurrent Training Package for Aircraft Maintenance Organizations (AMO) Staff – 2 Days


In its commitment to elevating the standards of aviation training, Sofema Aviation Services proudly unveils a bespoke training package exclusively crafted for Aircraft Maintenance Organization (AMO) staff. Recognizing the evolving needs of AMO professionals, this training package is a blend of four meticulously designed courses, ensuring that participants are equipped with the latest knowledge and best practices in the industry.

Each Delegate Completing this program is awarded 4 separate certificates.

The training package includes:

Fuel Tank Safety Phase 2 – Recurrent – 1/2 Day

Aircraft Fuel Tank Entry Safety Procedures – 1/2 Day

Aircraft FOD Awareness Training Course – ½ Day

Aircraft Inspection Techniques For CAT A Initial – 1/2 Day

Sofema Aviation Services, with its rich legacy in offering top-tier aviation training solutions, believes that this new training package will play a pivotal role in enhancing the skills and knowledge of AMO staff, thereby contributing to the overall safety and efficiency of aviation maintenance operations.

Understanding the diverse needs of aviation organizations, Sofema Aviation Services offers this training package in two formats:

In-Company Classroom Training: Engage in interactive sessions with expert instructors, fostering group discussions and hands-on learning.

Instructor-Led Webinar: For those who prefer remote learning, the courses are also available as webinars, ensuring the same quality of instruction and engagement.

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Important Note

These four courses are not available independently as stand-alone training.

Who is the course for?

This course is intended for aviation professionals who have completed initial Fuel Tank Safety training and now need recurrent training to stay updated. It’s also relevant for Quality Managers, maintenance personnel, and those working near aircraft. It’s suitable for various roles, including 145 Production Planning and Maintenance Inspection Staff, CAMO and Maintenance Planning Staff, Quality Assurance Staff, Safety System Staff, Maintenance Management Staff, and Engineering Training Staff.

What is the Benefit of this Training – What will I learn?

This course aims to refresh and update knowledge on fuel tank safety principles, regulatory changes, and effective aircraft fuel system maintenance. It provides a comprehensive review of fuel system safety elements, language, history, and practical considerations, equipping candidates to handle Fuel Tank System Safety challenges with best practices. Additionally, it focuses on Foreign Object Debris (FOD) recognition, prevention, and mitigation for aviation personnel, ground crew, and maintenance staff. It also addresses inspection performance benchmarks and trade-offs between speed and accuracy.

Target Groups

This course caters to a broad spectrum of aviation professionals, including Quality Managers and Personnel involved in maintenance management, individuals from M.A. Subpart G organizations responsible for aircraft airworthiness, Part 145-approved maintenance organization staff, and anyone working near aircraft, parking bays, runways, or taxiways. It’s designed for Human Factors knowledge refreshment and is relevant to quality control, regulatory compliance, and safety management roles in the aviation industry.


A background in an aviation environment.

Learning Objectives

Upon completing this training, trainees will be well-versed in fuel tank safety, understanding its basic elements and terminology while articulating its historical context and safety considerations using plain language and exemplifying nonconformities. This course will also empower delegates to explore error implications, the organization’s safety culture, communication methods, and safety procedures. Furthermore, candidates will be equipped to handle daily tasks in the face of Fuel Tank System Safety challenges. Additionally, participants will gain a comprehensive awareness of FOD exposure and their personal responsibilities in preventing FOD. Finally, the course will provide a practical and detailed understanding of best practice aircraft maintenance inspection techniques in areas such as Airframe, Engines, and Structure, ensuring participants are well-prepared for effective maintenance inspection across all maintenance domains.

What do People Say about Sofema Aviation Services Training?

“I found satisfying answers to all my questions.”
“The instructor demonstrated a very deep knowledge of the subject.”
“The length of the course fits my needs and expectations.”
“The content was really effective, I gained a lot of new knowledge.”
“The practical examples were perfectly delivered.”


2 days – Start at 09.00 and finish at 17.00, with appropriate refreshment breaks.

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