Safety Management Tools & Methods – 3 Days


A measure of the success of our SMS is directly related to how our organisation is able to identify (in the most efficient and cost-effective way) the business hazards, to be able to assess the associated risks, and in so doing identify the most appropriate mitigations. Ensuring an effective Safety Assurance process within our organisation is a significant driver of the overall viability of our SMS.

This 3-day training looks at the use of Organisational Tools and the associated techniques and opportunities that are available to us to gather and process SMS “Data”. By using various organizational tools we are able to assess a number of indicators that enable us to focus on the performance and effectiveness of our established safety risk controls.

Developing a range of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) will form a cornerstone of our SMS and enable us to monitor our Safety Management System Performance to ensure that we are able to assess our performance to achieve our goal of meeting or exceeding our safety objectives.

The delegate will consider several case study examples together with a group activity to gain familiarity with the various tools and techniques.

Who is the course for?

This course is made for those involved in safety management across various industries. It is particularly beneficial for safety managers, safety officers, and individuals responsible for implementing and managing safety programs, providing them with practical tools and methods to enhance safety performance and effectively mitigate risks within their organizations.

What is the Benefit of this Training – What will I learn?

Participants gain practical knowledge of various tools and methods used in safety management, enabling them to effectively identify hazards, assess risks, and implement appropriate control measures. This leads to improved safety performance and a reduction in incidents. The course equips participants with the skills to develop and implement comprehensive safety programs using industry-standard tools and methods. They learn to apply proactive strategies, monitor safety performance, and continuously improve safety practices within their organizations.

Detailed Content / Topics – The following Subjects will be addressed

– Contents
– Benchmarking our SMS – what is our expectation considering the link to SMS Policy
– How to Measure Performance – considering the options
– Developing our Organisational Specific SMS Indicators
– Building a Comprehensive Risk Register
– Use of Software and Database Management
– Event Risk Classification (ERC) and Safety Issue Risk Assessment (SIRA)
– Using Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) to identify exposure
– Structured What-if (SWIFT)
– Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
– Fishbone techniques to identify exposure
– Using Bow Tie as an organizational tool
– Safety Culture monitoring through Surveys
– Case Study – Workshop
– Using Bow Tie as an organizational tool
– Safety Culture monitoring through Surveys
– Case Study – Workshop

Target groups

Nominated Persons and Post holders, Directors & Airline Operations Managers,

Safety System Directors and other Airline and MRO Stake Holders. Quality & Safety Managers and Quality & Safety Auditors.


A broad range of aviation exposures will typically be found in attendees to this training. The course is highly practical and significant and active participation will be expected.

Learning Objectives

After Completion Delegates will understand the:

– A focused understanding of the SMS Challenges together with the Techniques and solutions;

– All essential roles within the SMS process and how to ensure competence is maintained;

– Be able to identify and focus on the need for best practices throughout the Organisational SMS environment.

What do People Say About Sofema Aviation Services Training?
“I found satisfying answers to all my questions.”
“The instructor demonstrated a very deep knowledge of the subject.”
“The length of the course fits my needs and expectations.”
“The content was really effective, I gained a lot of new knowledge.”
“The practical examples were perfectly delivered.”


3 days – Each training day will start at 09.00 and finish at 17.00, with appropriate refreshment breaks.

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