January 12, 2024


Sofema Aviation Services shares the latest events in the Aviation business from around the world in our
Aviation Weekly News Roundup:

> Aviation expert speaks on what caused door plug to fall off Alaska Airlines jet
The plane’s door plug fell off the aircraft at 16,000 feet, officials said. Read more

> Ryanair calls on Germany to lower aviation taxes, airport charges
Ryanair called on Germany to lower its aviation taxes and airport charges on Thursday, raising the prospect of a doubling of its traffic in the country in the next six years if Berlin meets its demands. Read more

> Redefining air travel comfort: Premium economy class here to stay, more Indians are opting for it, says Vistara’s Deepak Rajawat
Merger-bound Vistara was the first to introduce a premium economy class in India. The airline, a joint venture between Tata and Singapore Airlines, operates about 320 flights per day on both international and domestic routes, having a fleet of 67 planes. More aircraft will be inducted into its fleet by April. Read more

> United Airlines plane makes an emergency landing after a warning about a possible door issue
A United Airlines jet cut short a flight Wednesday and landed in Tampa, Florida, after pilots were alerted about a possible issue with a door, according to an airport spokesperson. Read more

> Europe’s Boeing 737 MAX-9 Aircraft are Safe, Says EASA After Alaska Airlines Incident
EASA: No EU operators affected
Although the EASA adopted the EAD, which temporarily grounds aircraft in this specific configuration until an inspection has been completed, the agency said citing statements by the FAA and Boeing, that no airline in an EASA member state currently operates aircraft in the relevant configuration. Read more

> Air traffic at 99 per cent of 2019, says IATA
The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has released data for November 2023 indicating that traffic reached 99 per cent of November 2019 levels, the peak year for air travel. Read more

> Amsterdam Schiphol declares ‘limited reduction’ in 2024 capacity
Amsterdam Schiphol has announced a “limited reduction” in capacity in 2024 to “relieve pressure” during peak times after controversial plans to significantly cut the number of flights allowed from the airport were scrapped. Read more

> SAS & SOL have been officially certified as Full Members by the Aviation Regulatory Training Standards Association (ARTSA)
Sofema Aviation Services (SAS) and Sofema Online (SOL) take pride in announcing their prestigious Full Membership certification from the Aviation Regulatory Training Standards Association (ARTSA). Read more here & here 

> Unlock Your Potential in Aviation Logistics Management
Sofema Online (SOL) offers an extensive array of training programs specifically tailored for ambitious professionals like you. With our expertly designed courses, you will gain the essential knowledge and skills to thrive in this vital role. Read more


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