November 18, 2022


Sofema Aviation Services shares the latest events in the Aviation business from around the world in our
Aviation Weekly News Roundup:

> Aircraft Tug Gets Stuck Under Air Transat Airbus A321neo
For airlines and aviation enthusiasts alike, one of the most heartbreaking situations is to see a relatively new aircraft get severely damaged through an unfortunate incident. This was what happened to a five-month-old Air Transat Airbus A321neo earlier this month when the aircraft received heavy damage to its nose during a standard towing procedure. Read more

>> Airlines Want Their Net Zero Pledges to Fly on More Than Fumes
Aviation contributes only about 3 percent of the greenhouse gases that worsen climate change, but airplanes don’t have good options to switch away from hydrocarbons. So aviation risks becoming a target for anger among green activists, threatening the long-term viability of mass-market leisure flights. Read more

> Birds Can Predict Atmospheric Turbulence and Likely Help the Aviation Industry
Flight of birds can also predict atmospheric turbulence, according to results shown in a new study, which suggested that flying animals like pigeons can adjust to these aerial disturbances. Read more

>> Direct Flights Launched Between Frankfurt, Germany, and Kruger National Park in South Africa
It just got easier for tourists from Europe to visit South Africa’s famous Kruger National Park. Lufthansa Group’s leisure airline, Eurowings Discover (4Y), took off from Frankfurt on Tuesday evening at 9:55 pm and touched town in Mbombela, Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport (KMIA), at 14:10 pm for the first time! After a short stopover in Windhoek, flight 4Y142 was welcomed with a water salute and a festive ceremony. Read more

> Wizz Air and OMV sign an agreement to supply sustainable aviation fuel
Abu Dhabi, UAE: Wizz Air, Europe’s fastest-growing and most environmentally sustainable airline globally, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with OMV, the international integrated oil, gas, and chemicals company headquartered in Vienna, for the supply of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) between 2023 and 2030. The MoU gives Wizz Air the opportunity to purchase up to 185,000 metric tons of SAF from OMV. This co-operation guarantees Wizz Air can progress in accordance with its plan for the reduction of CO2 intensity per passenger kilometer. Read more

>> EASA could require crash-resistant fuel system retrofits in helicopters by 2030
Four years after Congress mandated crash-resistant fuel systems (CRFS) for all new-build helicopters in the U.S., the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is contemplating similar rulemaking that could go a step further by requiring CRFS retrofits for some or all of the European helicopter fleet. Read more

> Air India eyes full integration of Vistara, SIA sidelined
The number of airline brands operating in India is set to reduce with Tata Sons, owners of Air India (AI, Mumbai Int’l), expected to announce inside a week that Vistara (UK, Delhi Int’l) will be merged into the Air India brand within 12 months. This follows the recent news that AirAsia India (I5, Bangalore Int’l) would also be integrated into Tata-owned Air India Express (IX, Mumbai Int’l). Read more

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