July 05, 2022


Sofema Aviation Services (SAS) www.sassofia.com and Sofema Online (SOL) www.sofemaonline.com together offer the most comprehensive program of both EASA & FAA compliant training courses for Supplies, Stores, and Logistics Staff.


  • What training does Sofema Provide for Logistics Staff?
  • What training does Sofema Provide for Aviation Logistics Staff?
  • Training Available for Aviation Stores Inspection Staff?
  • Regulatory Training for Stores Inspection Staff?
  • Regulatory Training for EASA Logistics Staff?
  • EASA 145 Aircraft Supply Chain Goods Inspection Training.

Sofema Courses are highly practical with 50 Years of Commercial Aviation Experience behind each and every course – Highly practical with specific experience related to challenges and issues within the Stores Inspection, Bonded, Component Control, and Tool and Equipment Storage Areas.

EASA Part-145 Supply Chain Management and Incoming Goods Inspection System is an essential element of the organisations Part-145 approval, moreover, it should be managed by trained and competent staff.

Sofema Courses are specifically designed to cover all essential elements required to ensure a fully compliant Stores Management and Inspection Process.

Currently available Stores & Logistics courses offer industry-leading courses for stores Inspection Staff. Bonded Store Staff & Tooling Store Staff.

Sofema Courses are practical and offer a structured approach related to Supply Chain Management, parts sourcing, purchasing as well as goods inwards receipt and inspection.

About Sofema Courses

Our Courses are available as Classroom, Webinar, and online, designed to provide logistics staff as well as Stores Receipt Inspectors with a though understanding of all the key aspects relevant to ensuring the effective management of the Store System.

Focused on both EASA & FAA regulations as appropriate, however, the process, procedures, and techniques covered are equally valid for other regulatory environments as well as military applications.

The Stores Inspector is the organisation’s “Gatekeeper”

The incoming goods inspection process is actually the first safety net following the purchase of the parts or materials. A proper incoming goods inspection process should serve to identify any unapproved parts.

With our training courses, your Inspection team and logistics Staff receive a strong grounding in all aspects of receipt and management of material, Parts, and Appliances.

  • Gain Practical Understanding of Optimum Receipt Techniques and Processes.
  • Develop your understanding of Airworthiness and Certification principles.
  • Understand how to validate documentation necessary for receiving parts.
  • How to contribute to the overall effectiveness of the supplies processes.

Next Steps

Sofema Aviation Services www.sassofia.com & www.sofemaonline.com offer a flexible approach to developing all in-company training courses which are specific to the client’s needs. If you would like additional information concerning how course content may be configured to be more appropriate for your organisation please see the websites or email team@sassofia.com


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