November 02, 2021


Sofema Aviation Services (SAS) is delighted to invite you to our forthcoming webinar regarding OTAR Part 145 & Part 43 in December:

Overseas Territory Aviation Regulations (​OTAR​)​ Part 145 & Part 43 Initial – 3 Days – Webinar

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Training Details:

Dates: 08-10 December 2021
Starting time: 10.00 AM (GMT+3)
Duration: 6 hours each day with the appropriate pauses
Price: 875 EUR (take up to 20% Early Bird discount until 16 November 2021)
– Full Access to Interactive Instructor-Led Webinar
– Soft Copy of the Material
– MP4 File which contains the full training program presented following the completion of the training course

The Overseas Territories Aviation Requirements (OTARs) describe the means by which aircraft operators, aviation personnel and providers of services can gain approvals, licences and certificates and the process through which these are maintained. This process ensures adequate levels of safety and internationally agreed standards are met. The training provides confidence in gaining a detailed knowledge of the key components of OTAR 145 MOE. Read more

What are the subjects covered during the training?

-Introduction to high-level applicable regulations, including the role of OTARs and OTACs and Continued Airworthiness
-Accountable Manager Obligations (OTAC 145-6)
-Airworthiness and Continued Airworthiness Concepts
-Overview Aircraft Maintenance Organisation Approval Part 145
-Part 145 Subpart A – General
-Part 145 Subpart B – Safety Management System (OTAC 145-7)
-General Introduction to Overseas Territory Aviation Authority Safety Management Systems
-Part 145 Subpart C – Approval Requirements
-Part 145 Subpart D – Option 2 requirements.
-OTAC Review and consideration of Best Practice Related Documents
-OTAC 145-1 : Maintenance Facilities (OTAR Part 145.103)
-OTAC 145-2 : Equipment, Tools and Materials (OTAR Part 145.109)
-OTAC 145-3 : Maintenance Data (OTAR Part 145.111)
-OTAC 145-4 : Production Planning (OTAR Part 145.113)
-OTAC 145-5 : Maintenance Records – OTAR Part 145.117
-OTAC 145-9 : Aircraft Maintenance Engineers – Personal Responsibility When Medically Unfit or Under the Influence of Drink or Drugs
-OTAC 145-10 : Maintenance Organisation Approval & Approval of the Maintenance Organisation Exposition (MOE)
-OTAC 145-12 : Aircraft Parts (OTAR Part 145.59)
-OTAC 145-13 : Quality Management Systems
-OTAC 145-14 : Safety Assessments (Aeronautical Studies, Safety Cases, Risk Assessments)
-OTAR 145 Nominated Postholder Responsibilities
-Review of the differences between OTAR 145 and EASA Part 145
-OTAR Part 43 General Maintenance Requirements – Subpart A General
-OTAR Part 43 Subpart B Maintenance
-OTAR Part 43 Subpart C Release to Service
-OTAR Part 43 Subpart D Aircraft Operating under a Permit to Fly
-OTAR 39 Subpart D Aircraft Records

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How does Sofema Webinar Work?

We use This is a live program where the instructor takes you through the material in real-time with easy-to-use Software.
This way of learning is highly interactive and spares the delegates additional costs such as travel and accommodation.

To go ahead with delivery the minimum number of participants required per course is six persons. However, if you are on your own please make the request to attend the training as we will consolidate and develop a group from all our clients.

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