December 15, 2022


Sofema Aviation Services (SAS) is pleased to announce that Dejan Dencic is our
Instructor of the Year for 2022!

Sofema has been delivering high-level regulatory training since 2008. We are delighted to support the aviation industry by providing delegates from all over the world with cost-effective aviation training courses delivered by experienced and competent trainers.

Get to know Dejan Dencic – He is an aviation professional with over 20 years of working experience.

Dejan Dencic is a graduate of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade, Serbia with a degree in Mechanical Aerospace Engineering. He is experienced in aircraft maintenance and maintenance planning & engineering. Dejan has also worked as a Compliance Monitoring Manager covering quality and safety in air OPS and CAMO. The instructor has a type rating for B737, ATR-72, and Airbus 320 family aircraft and is able to demonstrate a very good knowledge of aircraft documentation (AMM, IPC, MPD, AMS, AD, etc.). Besides being a Sofema trainer, Dejan is currently working as Lecturer/Instructor at Aviation Academy and as Quality Assurance Manager at a pilot school near Belgrade.

Dejan Dencic has delivered numerous training courses on behalf of Sofema ā€“ SeeĀ  a photo from the EASA Quality Assurance Auditing Introduction for Beginners ā€“ 3 Days training that was delivered to delegates from Wizz Air:

Instructor of the Year

We asked Dejan a few questions about his working experience with Sofema

  1. Initially, what inspired you to start a career in aviation?

As a little boy, I took a fancy to those “big metal birds” that flew over my house. I was lucky that my house was on the landing path and I could see them well and start studying them. Even then, I knew that they would be a part of my life. Aviation is a very tough profession. But if you love your profession then no job is hard.

  1. For how long have you been delivering aviation courses?

I started conducting the courses with short company training around 2016. In 2018, I received an invitation to join the Aviation Academy, a vocational school (high school and college) that trains aviation personnel. Very soon I got an invitation from Sofema to join. Well, I’ve been working as a lecturer and instructor for 4 years.

  1. Which aspects do you find most rewarding in your career?

While working at MCC I faced various problems. Solving the problem and getting the aeroplane back into service is my greatest reward.

  1. Youā€™ve delivered quite a few courses on behalf of Sofema. What is the best part about being a SAS trainer?

Travelling, meeting people, and getting to know different cultures. Also working with the rest of the Sofema team, constantly improving my knowledge, and passing on my knowledge to others.

  1. What motivates you as an aviation instructor?

Even though I have a lot of experience, sometimes it is hard to answer every question. To be able to do that, I have to keep up to date with the changes that happen in the world of aviation, especially in the rules. This is a big challenge, but also a reward when the challenge is overcome. That’s what motivates me.

  1. Lastly, besides Aviation, what other areas pique your interest?

I am interested in travelling, motorsports, and skiing.

We want to congratulate Dejan for becoming our Instructor of the year for 2022! We hope that the next year will bring more success for him and for Sofema as well.

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