I want to become an EASA Part 147 Instructor

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What Does EASA Say about becoming an EASA aircraft maintenance instructor?

Part147-A.105 (f), state that the experience and qualifications of instructors, knowledge examiners and practical assessors shall be established in accordance with criteria published or in accordance with a procedure and to a standard agreed by the competent authority.

There are no additional requirements or guidance published in EASA rules regarding the experience and qualification of instructors, except that it is recommended that potential instructors be trained in instructional techniques.

The eligibility of candidates to a permanent or temporary (contracted independent) instructor’s position must be assessed in regards to the minimum qualifications defined by the concerned Approved Part 147 Training Organisation.

The Organisation’s procedures should detail these minimum qualifications and associated eligibility criteria in terms of technical knowledge, pedagogical and instructional skills and working experience.

Note – EASA does not issue Instructor licences or equivalent, and permanent or contracted

instructors can only exercise instruction privileges through the approval of a Training Organisation.

Instructors are nominated by the approved organisation, which keep detailed records of their qualifications and are audited by the authority.

Their authorised scope of activity is then stated on Terms of Reference provided to the instructors, as well as on the instructor/ examiners/ assessors approved list.

Starting the Aviation Instructor Journey – Introduction

Consider the following as a guide to what you need to cover as a broad brush prerequisite

Effective Instructors Skills including a good basic knowledge of Human Factors as well as a good knowledge of the subject history together with both the theoretical and practical elements of the subject.

Effective Instructors are able to combine and explain the separate elements of knowledge in a logical and comprehensive manner. To be able to fully engage with the manufacturer’s documentation as well as technical documentation from multiple sources.

Starting the Aviation Instructor Journey – Delivery

Instructors need to both understand and be able to use instructional tools and other techniques which are used to enhance the instruction experience.

With strong Communication Skills – (The ability to listen & speak)

Knowing how to create interesting presentation material, to be able to deliver and as well as being able to engage with and to motivate participants.

The Instructor needs to understand the EASA environment and to support this Sofema Online offers a series of foundation courses which provide a unique opportunity to gain a basic regulatory awareness (see here for access to Sofema Online Foundation Courses)

Achieve the following familiarisation

EASA Part 145 – Regulatory Environment

EASA Part 66 – Requirements in detail including Implementation.

EASA Part M – Regulatory Environment

EASA Part 147 – Regulation in details including Implementation

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