NEW! SMS Integrated Training for Trainers – Implementation, Development & Training

Sofema Aviation Services is pleased to present the newest course available as In-company and Open training:

SMS Integrated Training for Trainers – Implementation, Development & Training

About the course:

SMS Integrated Training for Trainers – Implementation, Development & Training 5 days is a highly practical course and promotes best training practices. It is an industry-specific five-day program specifically designed for those who need to Manage the organisational SMS as well as to manage, or deliver Safety Management System Training.

The course is a highly participative and stimulates involvement and provides for powerful motivation. To introduce the delegate to training skills and to provide the confidence which can be developed to deliver effective SMS Training within each specific business area.

Who is the course for?

Safety Managers, Safety System Team Members, Safety System Trainers and other Stakeholders

Quality Department, Safety Department, Training Department Managers and other Training staff will also benefit from attendance to this course.

What is the Benefit of this Training – What will I learn?

a) Be able to explain the concept of SMS and what it can deliver for the organisation
b) Understand the role of Safety Culture within an SMS Environment
c) Explain how Safety Risks are Managed Proactively
d) Understand the benefits of the integration of SMS within the Organisations Management System
e) Achieve the ability to fully engage with your organisations SMS Training Objectives.


- SMS Facing the training Challenges
- Understanding the ICAO & EASA requirements and how they will impact our organisation
- The SMS Trainers Learning Path
- Communicating / Giving Feedback
- Organisational Roles, Safety Review Board, Action Groups and Safety Reps
- Review Management and Oversight issues related to SMS Training
- What is Andragogy – Understanding the Adult learning process – Knowles Theory
- Understanding SMS related competencies
- Balancing Presentation, Motivation Debate & Discussion
- SMS Management and Supporting Documentation (See the full content here)


What do People Say about Sofema Aviation Services Training?

“The course exceeded my expectations.”
“Everything was in appropriate timing and in a good climate.”
“Maximum points for the instructor’s effort and explanation from me.”
“The instructor provided enough room for all the questions to be asked”
“We received a lot of additional information to make things clearer.”

You can request the Training as an “Open Session” so you or delegates send by your organisation can attend or as an “In-Company Session” so we can deliver the training in your facilities to all aviation professionals who need it. Please see here what are the perks of the “In-Company session” or email