April 24, 2023


All 300+ aviation online courses, packages & diplomas are at your disposal for €1169 / year (€1375) with Freedom Pass
(Exclusively for SOL Plus members)

>> Undertake as many courses as you wish – You have the Freedom!
>> Prepare for career advancement by acquiring regulatory knowledge across a broad area
>> Choose the courses you always wished to complete

Start your Freedom Pass subscription with an email to team@sassofia.com

SOL Plus is a Members Group for Individuals which recognizes customer loyalty to Sofema Online www.sofemaonline.com. Every member can grow their competence in a variety of aviation subjects at a cost-effective rate with Freedom Pass – Choose from courses & packages available to suit all business areas:

– Certifying Staff & Technicians
– Production Planning
– Stores & Logistics
– Quality Assurance
– Management
– Leadership team & more

For a full list of courses appropriate for your job role or desired career, visit our Job Role Training Requirements page

Additional SOL Plus Benefits

  • Upon entrance into SOL Plus you receive 50% off any single course of your choice
  • Minimum – 15% from the price of any Single Course
  • -10% off the price of a Package/Diploma
  • -20% for 2 Single Courses taken together
  • Quote the membership № to receive preferential treatment as well as regulatory support and consultation often without cost
  • Provide guidance regarding training courses you would like to see available online and we will prioritise your request once the course meets the basic criteria for inclusion online

In case you haven’t joined SOL Plus yet, here are the steps:

  1. Purchase any Sofema course in your own name
  2. Request enrollment at team@sassofia.com
  3. You will then be provided with your SOL Plus registration number
  4. Next time you book a training simply provide your SOL Plus number & we will automatically apply your discount

Stay relevant and Seek out new opportunities for development – Grab your Freedom Pass at team@sassofia.com


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