Stores Incoming Inspection is coming to Hanoi

Sofema Aviation Services has the pleasure to announce the delivery of:

Stores Incoming Inspection

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About the training:

Stores Incoming Inspection – 2 Days – Hanoi – Vietnam

Dates: March 4th – March 5th, 2019

Venue: AESC Group Facilities in Hanoi, Vietnam

Price: 645 USD

The course meets the intent of IOSA (MNT 4.5.6 The Operator shall ensure each maintenance organisation that performs maintenance for the Operator has a training program that provides for initial and continuation training for receiving inspectors) and Part 145 Stores Inspection competency training.

This training is designed to cover all elements which are essential to the effective management and operation of a fully compliant store. This in-depth 2-day training is designed to provide attendees with: A detailed practical understanding of the requirements to Manage and Develop an Aviation Store.

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-Acceptance of Components as per EASA Part-145
-Guidance for the Aviation Stores Receiving Inspector
-Acceptance of Components as per Part M Subpart E
-PMA Parts
-Certification Forms (EASA, FAA, Transport Canada)
-Dual/Triple Certifications
-The Problem of Bogus Parts
-Bogus Parts Reporting Procedures

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What do the delegates say about SAS training?

“Most useful: EASA FAA regs, web links & references”
“Good knowledge, good opportunity for discussion”
“Explanation was clean and to the point”
“Most useful: Explanations on 8130-3, F1 EASA FAA regs, web links & references, problem about Bogus Parts”
“Good knowledge, good opportunity for discussion”
“The instructor gave examples of real-life situations and kept the course easy to understand”

Why choose Sofema Aviation Services for your training?

The team at Sofema Aviation Services works closely with clients to deliver highly effective training and to assist in producing high-level EASA regulatory compliant policies and to support the development of effective organisational process and procedures. Please check here all available training courses and here delegates feedback

Since we started we have provided certificates to approx 15,000 delegates, we have grown for 2 primary reasons!

The first is that we are professional and we listen to our customers. Please visit our download area as an example of how we engage with our customers.

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375 Years and Counting – Instructional Background and Experience. Our Instructional Team is passionate, knowledgeable, experienced with a focus on effective delivery of interesting and relevant training to an adult audience.

SAS Instructors have a combined total of more than 375 years of aviation experience behind us.

No Instructor delivering training on behalf of Sofema has less than 20 years’ experience. Why does it matter?

Because with such an incredible wealth of knowledge we are able to focus on a genuine desire to support a real understanding at the organisational level of the subject matter.

In addition, we use our practical experience to support the business to identify opportunities which serve optimize the efficiency of the business in the most practical way.

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