June 04, 2021


Easy Access Rules for Air Operations (Regulation (EU) No 965/2012)

Sofema Aviation Services (SAS) www.sassofia.com considers SPA-Subpart C: Operations with Specified Minimum Navigation Performance (MNPS).

SPA.MNPS.100 MNPS Operations (Ref – Regulation (EU) No 965/2012)

Aircraft shall only be operated in designated minimum navigation performance specifications (MNPS) airspace in accordance with regional supplementary procedures, where minimum navigation performance specifications are established if the operator has been granted approval by the competent authority to conduct such operations.

GM1 SPA.MNPS.100 MNPS operations (Ref ED Decision 2012/019/R)


MNPS and the procedures governing their application are published in the Regional Supplementary Procedures, ICAO Doc 7030, as well as in national AIPs.

Note Reference ICAO Doc 7030 All MNPS-approved aircraft intending to operate in the NAT Region shall insert the letter X in Item 10a of the flight plan.

Minimum navigation performance specifications (MNPS) Area of applicability

The MNPS shall be applicable in that volume of airspace between FL 285 and FL 420 within the Oceanic Control Areas of, Bodø Oceanic, Gander Oceanic, and New York Oceanic East, Reykjavik, Santa Maria and Shanwick, Brest Oceanic Transition Area (BOTA) and the Shannon Oceanic Transition Area (SOTA). (

Note volumes of airspace in are referred to as the “North Atlantic High-Level Airspace (NAT HLA), part of which were previously referred to as the “North Atlantic Minimum Navigation Performance Specifications Airspace (NAT MNPSA)”.

When granting MNPS specific approvals for operations in NAT HLA – the State of Registry or the State of the Operator, as appropriate, shall ensure that:

  • In-flight operating drills include mandatory navigation cross-checking procedures which will identify navigation errors insufficient time to prevent the aircraft inadvertently deviating from the ATC-cleared route.
  • The operator has established programmes to provide for the continued airworthiness of aircraft navigation systems necessary to navigate to the degree of accuracy required.
  • The operator has established procedures to ensure flight crews have adequate knowledge of the current provisions regarding:

o The position reporting procedures;

o Mandatory carriage of the NAT OTS message;

o The NAT special procedures.

SPA.MNPS.105 MNPS Operational Approval (Ref Regulation (EU) No 965/2012)

To obtain an MNPS operational approval from the competent authority, the operator shall provide evidence that:

(a) the navigation equipment meets the required performance;

(b) navigation displays, indicators and controls are visible and operable by either pilot seated at his/her duty station;

(c) a training programme for the flight crew members involved in these operations has been established;

(d) operating procedures have been established specifying:

(1) the equipment to be carried, including its operating limitations and appropriate entries in the MEL;

(2) flight crew composition and experience requirements;

(3) normal procedures;

(4) contingency procedures including those specified by the authority responsible for the airspace concerned;

(5) monitoring and incident reporting.

AMC1 SPA.MNPS.105 MNPS Operational Approval (Ref ED Decision 2012/019/R)


(a) For unrestricted operation in MNPS airspace an aircraft should be equipped with two independent LRNSs.

(b) An LRNS may be one of the following:

(1) one inertial navigation system (INS);

(2) one global navigation satellite system (GNSS); or

(3) one navigation system using the inputs from one or more inertial reference system (IRS) or any other sensor system complying with the MNPS requirement.

(c) In case of the GNSS is used as a stand-alone system for LRNS, an integrity check should be carried out.

(d) For operation in MNPS airspace along notified special routes the aeroplane should be equipped with one LRNS.

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