Engaging with an Effective Risk Assessment Process within an EASA SMS Environment

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One of the measures of a successful Safety Management System (SMS) within an organisation, is a common understanding throughout the company of what needs to be achieved to deliver the objectives and how it should be done.

Getting Behind the Objective

Provide a unified approach, one in which we all understand our individual roles, bring a common organisational system.


What do we expect from the Risk Management Process?

Risk management should create value and:

  • be an integral part of organizational processes;
  • be part of the decision making explicitly address uncertainty and assumptions;
  • be systematic and structured, be based on the best available information;
  • be tailorable, and take into account human factors;
  • be transparent and inclusive, be dynamic, iterative and responsive to change;
  • be capable of continual improvement and enhancement.

By “putting a value” on the consequences of hazards, the safety management process provides the organization with a principled basis for safety risk decisions and the subsequent allocation of organizational resources to contain the damaging potential of hazards.


Reaching a Level of Maturity

Under mature safety management practices, hazard identification is a continuous, ongoing, daily activity. It never stops or rests. It is an integral part of the organizational processes aimed at delivering the services that the organization is in business to deliver.
It is a fact that mitigation strategies can never completely mitigate safety risks. It must be accepted that a residual safety risk will always exist, and the organization must ensure that residual safety risks are also under control.


Considering the key elements when engaging with SMS Risk Management Processes

The Evolution of Safety Thinking why we are where we are today. The Risk Management Process in a Safety Management System, of course, Risk Management is an essential element of the SMS but it is only 1 part, in fact, the entire process needs to work together in concert and harmony to be effective. Identifying Hazards, Safety Risk Management considering the various aspects of Safety Risk Probability, Safety Risk Severity & Safety Risk Tolerability & Developing Safety Risk Controls & appropriate Mitigations.

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