February 08, 2023


Sofema Aviation Services (SAS) considers the required process to ensure compliance with the MAG requirements

Introduction – Maintenance Annex Guidance (MAG)

An AMO repair station may perform work away from its fixed location for extended periods of time provided it does not establish permanency at the location.

The request to the FAA must include the aircraft (make/model/series), the project to be accomplished, the duration of the work, the location of the work, and a statement that the temporary facilities are suitable for the AMO’s work.

  • The FAA recognizes that this type of operation involves work that may require several months to complete.
  • This type of operation is temporary in nature and must not be used to circumvent obtaining a 14 CFR part 145 certificate at that location.
  • The certificate holder must request this type of operation directly to the FAA. The FAA shall evaluate each request on a case-by-case basis.
  • The AMO must furnish its own tools and equipment, unless it has procedures for leasing or contracting tools and equipment that comply with the regulations and procedures in the MOE and FAA Supplement.

An AMO in the EU operating under one AA approval certificate, can operate multiple sites under one FAA certificate and OpSpecs.

  • An AMO may perform work away from its fixed location for a special circumstance or on a recurring basis. (Notify FAA in advance if no written procedure)
  • Notification – describes the work / date / customer / compliance statement to follow procedures

Note: If the AMO has approved procedures in the FAA Supplement, it may be authorized to perform work away from station on a recurring basis. (FAA would issue OpSpec D100.)

NOTE: An AMO may perform work away from its fixed location on a recurring basis, such as to perform mobile field services. This will allow work away from the AMO’s fixed location as a part of everyday business rather than under special circumstances only. Once the AA accepts the work away from station procedures in the FAA Supplement to the MOE, the FAA can issue FAA OpSpecs for work away from station. After OpSpecs paragraph D100 is issued there is no requirement for notifying the FAA in advance.

Work Away from Base Procedures

  • Procedures used to ensure that FAA technical data, such as manufacturers’ manuals, service bulletins, and letters, are current and accessible at the location where the work is performed.
  • Procedures to control tools and ensure proper equipment calibration when away from the AMO’s fixed location.
  • How the organization will ensure that records for work performed away from the AMO will be maintained in the same manner as at the AMO’s fixed location.
  • How the organization will ensure that personnel performing work away from the AMO’s fixed location will be trained and qualified to perform the required work.
  • List persons who are authorized to approve an item for release or return to service when working away from the AMO’s fixed location.
  • List persons designated for organizing and supervising work away from the AMO’s fixed location.
  • To ensure that all required personnel, equipment, materials, and parts will be made available at the place where the work is to be performed.
  • Maintaining a record of work performed away from the AMO, both within the country and outside the country. Any record of this work should be in English and include:

Work Performed Details

  • A description of the work performed,
  • The date and location where the work was performed, and
  • The work order number (total time in service if required).

Note: The organization’s responsibility to retain these records for 3 years after the performance of the work.

Next Steps

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