Why Training your Aviation Human Factor Trainers now is your “Most Important” Opportunity?

Introduction by Steve Bentley CEO of Sofema Aviation Services.

Did You know? Sofema Aviation Services –  has been offering a world-leading HFTTT Program for over 10 years and the next course in Bangkok runs at MJETS Facility – Don Muang Airport from 14th to 17th of January 2020:

Aviation Human Factors Training For Trainers – 4 Days Intensive Classroom Course

For details please see the website or email office@sassofia.com

Question – Why do you “Need” your own Organisational Human Factor (HF) Trainer?

Answer – Because the most effective Human Factors courses are the ones which are delivered by your own HF training on behalf of your organisation.

Such training promotes the culture of safety which you want to foster and is able to fully take into account all organisation issues, plus deliver internal experience from incidents.

The 4 Day In-depth training program provides not only a thorough understanding of the Adult learning Process but helps you understand in detail how to deliver effective training in your workplace.

Understand techniques for engaging with your students and how to present the information in a clear, correct, detailed, and concise manner. How to motivate the group, to engage and to keep things interesting?

What is the biggest advantage of having our own HF trainer?

Well Clearly Flexibility is a Major Positive but probably the biggest single advantage is the opportunity to create a HF program which supports the organisations objectives rather than just ticking the regulatory box.

Effective Instructors can motivate, Inspire & create focus & direction such training becomes something far more than simply compliant training.

What are the Benefits of the Human Factors Training – What will I learn?

a) Develop the competence to implement and manage your organisations HF Program
b) Understand how to promote a human factor-driven approach to safety
c) Develop your specific Human Factors awareness and competence as a HF trainer providing support for a positive Safety Culture
d) Be able to motivate the workforce using soft skills that complement your technical competency
e) Understand the most effective delivery methods for Human Factor Training
f) Be able to communicate effectively the human causes of error and an understanding regarding a proactive approach to the avoidance and mitigating of errors.
g) Be able to facilitate In-company Human Factors and Maintenance Error Management workshops

Further Guidance

Sofema Aviation Services (SAS) and SofemaOnline (SOL) are pleased to offer a range of EASA compliant regulatory training courses in support of Multiple Regulatory Compliance and Competence Development.

For details please see www.sassofia.com, www.sofemaonline.com or email: office@sassofia.com or online@sassofia.com.