Active Safety Management for Managers – 3 Days

Introduction –

This course is for the Core Senior Management Team and explores both the understanding and opportunity to lead the Organisational Safety Management System SMS Processes throughout the business.

Have you noticed that EASA does not identify the Safety Manager as the responsible person for the SMS? Moreover EASA identifies that it is not a requirement for the Safety Manager to attend top level meetings – all of this leads us to an understanding of the Management Team in particular the Accountable Manager and Post Holders (Nominated Persons) in respect of their specific responsibility to ensure an active and dynamic SMS which clearly benefits the organisation.

Perhaps not uniquely but without question “pivotally” Aviation Safety Management System is a “Top Down” system and it is essentially that it is “Managed in a proactive way by the “Senior Management”.

This 3 day course focuses on an understanding of Safety Performance within the Organisation as well as a deep understanding of the Management and Measurement principles of a performance based system.

The training explores the responsibility of the Management Team to deliver an exceptional SMS together with an understanding of how this may be achieved.

Detailed Content / Topics – The following Subjects will be addressed –

– Introduction to the Aviation SMS – What works well and what needs to Improve
– Review of Regulatory Drivers for our Aviation SMS
– Managing SMS Competence – How to achieve and who is responsible – will it stand up to audit?
– Using Safety Assurance to understand Safety Performance
– How do we measure Safety Performance and what does a continuing Safety Performance Look like?
– How to moving from Reactive to Proactive SMS? – What is involved and how long should it take
– Understanding the effectiveness of the Safety Culture of Your Organisation
– Developing Safety Assurance Programmes – using Compliance as a data input
– Measuring the effectiveness of our Safety communication programmes
– Developing SMS Data capture methodologies to enable risk based analysis and proactive decision-making.
– Developing SMS across the business – Considering Fatigue Risk Management Programmes
– Using Human Factors and CRM based programs to drive SMS
– Developing Competence in Risk Based Analysis Techniques

Target groups –

Nominated Persons and Post holders, Directors & Airline Operations Managers,

Safety System Directors and other Airline and MRO Stake Holders. Quality & Safety Managers and Quality & Safety Auditors.

Pre-requisites –

A broad range of aviation exposures will typically be found in attendees to this training. The course is highly practical and significant and active participation will be expected.

Learning Objectives –

After Completion Delegates will understand:

– A focused understanding of the SMS Challenges together with the Techniques solutions;

– All essential roles within the SMS process and how to ensure competence is maintained;

– Be able to identify and focus on the need for best practices throughout the Organisational SMS environment.

Duration –

3 Days – Each training day will start at 09.00 and finish at 17.00, with appropriate refreshment breaks.

To register for this training, please email or Call +359 28210806

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