Developing & Maintaining SMS Compliance in an MRO and 145 – Executive Review – 1 Day


EASA is in the process of introducing ICAO Compliant SMS into the 145 regulations – Ref NPA 2019-05 (c). With SMS we have a set of regulations, which allow Industry to establish best-practice that fits different cultures and place the main emphasis and duty on improving safety performance. This requires a real “team effort” as the regulator and maintenance organization are all part of one large system. Working as a team it will be possible to improve an already highly impressive safety record.

This 1-day training course is optimised for the executive & leadership team and is focused on the specific challenges faced by 145 and MRO organizations to develop an understanding of the organisations responsibility and how the key managers and stakeholders can play a role in assisting to deliver a strong SMS system.

Who is the course for?

This training is highly relevant for business area owners and supervisors as well as safety and quality assurance auditors. Senior Managers, Executives, and Leadership Teams as well as business area stakeholders who need to have a deep appreciation of the safety audit process.

What are the benefits – What will I learn?

a) Be able to explain the concept of SMS and how it will function within the EASA Part 145 environment

b) Understand the role of Safety Culture within a Maintenance Environment

c) Explain how Safety Risks can be Managed Proactively

d) Understand the benefits of the integration of SMS within the Organisations Management System

e) Achieve the ability to Develop and fully engage with your organizations SMS

f) Meet and exceed all regulatory obligations related to the basic training of SMS

g) To Understand effective processes for auditing SMS

h) Understand how to measure the effectiveness of an SMS

Detailed Content / Topics – The following Subjects will be addressed

– Definitions & Abbreviations
– Safety Management System Introduction
– SMS and Organisational Culture
– Safety Management System -Quality Management System Relationship
– Human Factors SMS and Beyond

145.A.120 Means of Compliance

145.A.140 Access

145.A.60 Occurrence reporting

145.A.65 Maintenance procedures

145.A.200 Management system Organization & Accountabilities

145.A.202 Internal safety reporting scheme

145.A.205 Contracting and subcontracting

– Hazard Identification & Risk Management Process
– Emergency Response Planning ERP
– Fatigue Risk Management System FRMS
– Safety Risk Management
– Effective Marketing and Raising Awareness

Target Groups

All personnel with duties and/or responsibilities in the Line or Base Maintenance Environment. Quality Assurance Staff. Also of Interest to persons working in a CAMO or Part M Quality System.


Understanding the process for delivering the most effective Hazard Identification, Risk Analysis, and Mitigation Process.

Learning Objectives

Detailed consideration of the benefits of implementing a Safety Management System within the 145 Organization.

Understanding the process for delivering the most effective Hazard Identification, Risk Analysis, and Mitigation Process

A consideration of how the SMS can be used to drive organization efficiencies.

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“Very effective, useful, and informative training.”
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1 Day -Start at 09.00 and finish at 17.00, with appropriate refreshments and breaks.

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