SMS Developing Risk Assessment Strategies in Small to Medium Companies – 1 Day


Aviation is an incredibly complex business environment. Demands placed on the organization and individuals to deliver are often considerable, and place a burden on key individuals. The industry is constantly being driven to deliver ever higher levels of safety. In addition, from Jan 2009 ICAO requires the implementation of a proactive SMS system. EASA is expected to follow ICAO requirements from mid 2012.

“The risks and costs in commercial aviation necessitate a rational process for decision-making. On a daily basis, operators and managers make decisions in real time, weighing the probability and severity of any adverse consequences implied by the risk against the expected gain of taking the risk. This process is known as risk management.” – ICAO

The core requirement for an SMS in Small to Medium Organisations is an effective method of identifying and controlling risk, and an essential element of safety management is the process of risk assessment. The need to identify and control risk is key to protecting the organization and this one-day course will provide the delegates with an understanding of how to identify hazards in small to medium organizations and to evaluate these hazards to produce a risk assessment. During the course delegates will work through several examples with the emphasis on group work and discussion to evaluate the differences of opinion, which may come into risk assessment.

Detailed Content / Topics – The following Subjects will be addressed

-The Evolution of Safety Thinking
-The Risk Management Process in a Safety Management System
-Identifying Hazards
-The Five Fundamentals of Safety Risk Management
-Safety Risk Management
-Safety Risk Probability
-Safety Risk Severity
-Safety Risk Tolerability
-Safety Risk Control & Mitigation
-Risk Assessment Review
-Qualitative or Quantitative Risk Assessment
-SMS Return On Investment
-The Hidden Costs of Failed Safety Systems

Target Groups

This course will be of significant benefit to SMS Managers, Quality Managers and other Stakeholders of Small to medium Organisations who need to have the necessary background and skills to manage the Risk Assessment Strategies or perform Risk assessment in the work place.


A background in an aviation environment. A strong familiarity with ICAO SMS and principles and structure.

Learning Objectives

The course considers Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment and its direct application within the context of Aviation SMS. After attending this course the participant should be able to manage and perform the Risk Assessment Techniques and Strategies in the organization.


1 Day -Start at 09.00 and finish at 17.00, with appropriate refreshment breaks.

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