SMS Implementation and Risk Assessment Review – 1 Day


Safety Management should be about more than just protecting your organisation against undesired safety outcomes it may also add value by supporting optimization of organisational process which drive efficiency and managed correctly lead to financial savings.

SMS differs from other mandated systems. Why? – Because SMS is a performance based system, as such it is driven by internally set organisational criteria, whist this will be challenging for the regulator to audit, the whole point is the recognition it is an organisational system. The needs of the organisation should in actual fact exceed the obligations to comply with any set of regulations.

Are you able to develop real and meaningful performance metrics? It is through such “Deep & Effective” measurement techniques and processes which enable us to demonstrate our internal and external assurance regarding our Safety exposure.

SofemaAviation Services has been supporting, training and implementing SMS for many years. We are able to work both at operational and strategic levels.

All of our training courses focus on 3 basic elements:

The first is the full “Buy In” to understand the relevance and importance of SMS within the organisation.

The second element focuses on the need to develop an organisational system which complies with the regulation, and not to simply develop a system for the regulations.

The third and possibly of the most significant is an understanding of  organisational culture and behaviours.

Our knowledge based on over 40 years commercial aviation experience provides the most practical solutions to the challenges faced in implementing truly effective SMS system.

Who is the course for?

The participation in the course would be extremely beneficial for the company’s Accountable Managers, as we as their Directors, Managers and Stakeholders.

What is the Benefit of this Training – What will I learn?

a) A practical assessment of the status of your SMS Implementation, with focus on gap analysis, measurement of current status and practical implementation challenges, including the identification and management of hazards.

b) A full understanding of the current position, identifies the organization focus and considers a road map and time line to achieve the stated objectives.

c) Build this understanding into a range of opportunities which may be used to take the organization forward, by delivering outcomes, identifying roles and responsibilities and agreed timelines.

d) Understand effective methods of identifying and controlling risk, which is an essential element of safety management.

Detailed Content / Topics – The following Subjects will be addressed

-General Introduction
-Abbreviations & Definitions
-Sharing Our SMS Understanding
-Aviation Safety Management System Implementation Challenges
-SMS Risk Assessment – Challenges
-What is the Current Status of the SMS within our Organisation & Where are the Challenges?
-ICAO Annex 19 & Components of an SMS System
-Safety Accountabilities
-Developing the training program – Initial and Recurrent training
-Developing SMS Management and Supporting Documentation
-Safety Management System – Quality Management System Relationship
-SMS Management of Change
-Understanding the responsibilities of the Safety Manager
-Introduction to Emergency Response Planning
-Organization Data Capture and Data Analysis Process Considerations
-Roles and Responsibilities Related to Risk Communication
-Benefits of an Effective Safety Management System

Target Groups

Accountable Managers, Directors, Managers, Stakeholders.


Each Program is confidential and fully interactive. Participants are expected to have a working knowledge of the regulations.

Learning Objectives

After the training participants will have a focused understanding of the organisational issues affecting the SMS implementation and will be able to:
– To Understand specific regulatory requirements and how it impacts your organization
– To perform group focused Gap Analysis of the Current Status
– To determine options for appropriate organizational strategies to meet organization needs and compliance
– To consider options for implementation of desired actions
– To consider options for implementation timelines

What do People Say about Sofema Aviation Services Training?

“The instructor used the right words to explain the material.”
“The discussions among the group were very beneficial.”
“The instructor showed a very resourceful background and experience.”
“All sections of the course were related to my field.”
“Adequate answers were given to specific questions.”


1 Day -Start at 09.00 and finish at 17.00, with appropriate refreshment breaks.

To register for this training, please email or Call +359 28210806

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