September 16, 2021


Aviation Regulatory Obligations typically require a Safety Management System (SMS)

Is this the reason why you have an SMS?

Enable Total System Safety with SAS

Sofema Aviation Services ( with more than 50 Years of relevant commercial aviation operational exposure sitting behind the organisation can provide an economical assessment of the effectiveness of your organizational system.

  • A clean pair of eyes with knowledge and experience.
  • An unbiased viewpoint is able to independently assess the strengths and weaknesses of the current process.
  • To make meaningful recommendations to energize your SMS, in so doing to not only assure safety but to also deliver identify opportunities for tangible improvements across multiple business areas.

Reality Check

  • A well-run and managed safety Management System provides an unrivalled opportunity to understand not just safety exposures but multiple business exposures.
  • When did you last look at the effectiveness of your SMS?

o Is it creating a valuable source of Data or simply one more organisation burden which must be addressed as part of compliance objectives.


It is important for us to understand your objectives to enable the best possible engagement.

  • Our immediate goal is to meet your objectives:

o Building an initial SMS

o Driving and Analyzing Data to make Risk-Based Decisions

o Developing Metrics and Measuring Safety Performance

  • Have you integrated SMS into your management system and is the leadership team being served effectively by this process?

o How well is this working?

o How are you measuring performance in a meaningful way?

What are the challenges you may be currently facing?

  • Understanding the regulatory requirements and the various strategies for effective implementation
  • Being able to both measure and enact change in the Safety Culture of your Organisation
  • Being able to drive safety performance improvements
  • System Integration Issues IT / Physical / Cultural
  • Enabling effective Data processing and Analysis
  • Building effective Key Performance Measures

Next Steps

SMS must be a top-down system, let us deliver understanding to the leadership team to nurture and grow a culture of safety within risk management and safety leadership framework.

Contact SAS Now at – We operate a “lite touch” approach. That means we do not want to do it for you we want to do it with you.

There is a big difference and not only is our approach far cheaper for the client, when we walk away we leave a fully functioning system behind.


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