June 16, 2023


Sofema Aviation Services shares the latest events in the Aviation business from around the world in our Aviation Weekly News Roundup:

> Beyond Automation: How AI Is Transforming Aviation
More than a century after the invention of the autopilot, aerospace engineers are still working to bring more automated processes into aircraft cockpits to enhance safety, increase efficiency, and reduce pilot workload. With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), autopilot technology has evolved from simple devices that maintain an aircraft’s altitude and heading to fully autonomous flight control systems capable of performing gate-to-gate operations without any human input. Read more

>> ‘More systems, more problems’: Experts weigh in on aviation safety after Asiana Airlines incident
A South Korean man was issued an arrest warrant last month after he opened the emergency exit door minutes before an airplane landed. Read more

> Cyclone Biparjoy: Jamnagar Airport Suspends Flight Operations Till Friday
Star Air and Air India are among the airlines that cancelled their flights to Jamnagar Airport as well as there are no aircraft in the parking at the airport. Read more

>> The FAA Wants New Airliners To Have 2 Cockpit Barriers
The FAA will require all new aircraft built after mid-2025 to feature a second barrier to the cockpit door to enhance pilots’ security. Read more

> Safran chief says aircraft makers have ‘unprecedented supply crisis’
French jet engine maker warns constraints on production are likely to last into 2024. Read more

>> First sustainable aviation fuel batches certified under CORSIA
Montréal, 14 June 2023 – For the first time, sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) have been certified under the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA). Read more

> What Will Be Flying At The Paris Air Show?
The Paris Air Show has released the timetable for the flight demonstrations that will take place over the course of seven days. Read more

>> Sofema Online (SOL) Special Promotion for GCAA Compliant CAR 145 & CAR M Training
Any Sofema Online client who has previously completed the Initial CAR M or CAR 145 SOL course and is considering undertaking the Recurrent training can repeat the Initial at the cost of the Recurrent for only 85 EUR (170 EUR). Read more

> Sofema Online introduces a new Recurrent training
A new course has been added to the SOL training portfolio: UAE CAR M Introduction HF & SMS Recurrent. Read more


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